Monstermaker enemies not hostile Created 2 weeks ago2020-11-19 19:22:34 UTC by _Vissova_ _Vissova_

Created 2 weeks ago2020-11-19 19:22:34 UTC by _Vissova_ _Vissova_

Posted 2 weeks ago2020-11-19 19:22:34 UTC Post #344893
For some reason enemies spawned by a Monstermaker entity are not hostile for a few seconds, long enough for the scripted events I've set up to be very awkward. I thought it was because I was spawning them through a multi_manager but I set up a test spawner and they were hostile immediately, so I'm totally lost. It's inconsistent.
Posted 1 week ago2020-11-24 00:07:53 UTC Post #344943
I did some monstermaker tests recently for a tool I'm working on, and I noticed the same. I think I've only seen it happen the first time a particular monster type spawned, so it might be some kind of initialization issue, but I didn't investigate it further.
Posted 1 week ago2020-11-24 05:55:55 UTC Post #344944
Yeah idk I've never had these kinds of issues before, it's very strange. Monsters sometimes don't spawn at all, sometimes they do spawn but refuse to cooperate with scripted sequences, etc.
Posted 1 week ago2020-11-24 20:40:56 UTC Post #344950
Monsters spawned by a monstermaker CAN´T perform scripted actions through scripted sequences, at least directly without making them be triggered to do so. Also, in the flags of the monstermaker there´s an option for the monsters not acting as enemies, try to ckeck if that option is ON.
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