Java as a programming language for anything Half Life (2) related? Created 1 month ago2021-04-15 18:39:22 UTC by Coopsec Coopsec

Created 1 month ago2021-04-15 18:39:22 UTC by Coopsec Coopsec

Posted 1 month ago2021-04-15 18:39:22 UTC Post #345536
I know C and C++ is probably much smarter when it comes to programming-languages and modding something for the Half Life universe.
My problem is that I am kind of stuck with Java for now, since this is the language we use in my school's class, and it'd be just much smarter for me to improve my knowledge with in my leisure time (, since in other words it would to also improve my grades.)

I really want to start developing small mods for Half Life 1 & 2, but am not sure if I can use Java to help me with this task.
Can I?
(And if not, which languages would help me in this case?)

-Thanks a bunch!
Posted 1 month ago2021-04-15 23:50:51 UTC Post #345537
Aside from some edge cases such as developing tools for other modders to use, the only programming language that can be used for HL/2 modding is C++. Unfortunately there's no way to avoid it.
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Posted 1 month ago2021-04-16 05:21:04 UTC Post #345538
Oh, that's a bummer. I guess modding will have to wait until I finish class.
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