adding back the alpha 0.52 blood stream effect? Created 8 months ago2021-12-09 14:53:18 UTC by Drooga Drooga

Created 8 months ago2021-12-09 14:53:18 UTC by Drooga Drooga

Posted 8 months ago2021-12-09 14:53:18 UTC Post #346110
i wanna add it to a mod of mine but i don't know how the blood stream system works.
example of the blood streamexample of the blood stream
Posted 8 months ago2021-12-09 17:11:53 UTC Post #346111
you could take a look at absolute zero code and see how they did it
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Posted 8 months ago2021-12-09 18:13:32 UTC Post #346112
i've tried to take a look at it but it somehow manages to make it really confusing
Posted 8 months ago2021-12-11 22:39:11 UTC Post #346114
I have never played the Half-Life 1 alpha, but this is the best quick implementation I managed to make:
Add this to a monsters TraceAttack function

if(m_bloodColor == BLOOD_COLOR_RED)
UTIL_BloodStream(ptr->vecEndPos, gpGlobals->v_forward * -35 + gpGlobals->v_up * 2.1, (unsigned short)73, 100);

(If the TraceAttack function doesnt exist then create one or you can just add this to combat.cpp if you want this to apply to all monsters)
Posted 8 months ago2021-12-12 08:14:36 UTC Post #346116
thanks a lot for the help!
Posted 8 months ago2021-12-13 05:50:25 UTC Post #346117
im probably asking for too much but is there a way to modify the bloodstream code so that it follows a pattern like a sine wave?
Posted 7 months ago2021-12-20 22:51:15 UTC Post #346140
Probably not easily - UTIL_BloodStream just sends an engine message that does predefined stuff.
You could spawn an entity that trails blood when something takes damage and make the entity move with a sinusoidal pattern. If you add the EF_GIBS flag to the model it will automatically trail blood.
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