Barney doesnt die Created 4 months ago2022-04-19 02:04:04 UTC by jamie jamie

Created 4 months ago2022-04-19 02:04:04 UTC by jamie jamie

Posted 4 months ago2022-04-19 02:04:04 UTC Post #346453
So there is a sequence in my mod where you see 3 HECU kill a Barney. But for some reason, God itself manages to protect Barney and he kills the 3 of them without dying!
that dude

This probably sounds kinda weird, but how do i make him die? I dont want to make a sequence because i want that it looks natural
Posted 4 months ago2022-04-19 06:34:23 UTC Post #346454
Are you using Spirit of Half-Life for the mod?
If so, you could try setting the barney's health with a keyvalue

If you're using a custom codebase you could add the code for
setting health as a keyvalue.

Or if you're using vanilla HL you could just try trapping the barney after spawning
in a func_wall_toggle (enabled by default), use a trigger_hurt to get its health really low,
and then disable the trigger_hurt, and the func_wall_toggle.
Posted 3 months ago2022-04-19 17:38:19 UTC Post #346456
I modified the Barney health and it worked, thank you
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