HL1 Mod HUD suddenly disappeared? Created 2 weeks ago2022-09-11 13:41:41 UTC by AlexanderB2109 AlexanderB2109

Created 2 weeks ago2022-09-11 13:41:41 UTC by AlexanderB2109 AlexanderB2109

Posted 2 weeks ago2022-09-11 13:41:41 UTC Post #346869
Hello. I've been working on a mod for Half-Life 1 simply so I could test some things out. So far, all I've done programming-wise is change the func_wall entity to print a message to the console (for which I just followed this tutorial https://gamebanana.com/tuts/12801), and I've changed the MP5's secondary function to the crossbow's secondary function (Instead of the Grenade launcher, the MP5 has a zoom-in feature.).

However, for some reason my HUD appears to be completely missing. In my starter map I have an HEV Suit placed down at the player's spawn point, so it is equipped. Even the flashlight and H.E.V voicelines work! However, I can't switch my weapon, and I can't see any HUD elements.

I've only modified hl.dll. I haven't touched client.dll.


If it helps, I could try and include the DLL files.
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-09-12 21:31:44 UTC Post #346870
Hello there, I'm the author of that tutorial.
Did you compile both DLL files? Did you accidentally change hud_draw to 0?
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Posted 1 week ago2022-09-15 15:51:14 UTC Post #346873
If I'm correct, hud_draw was set to 1 when I checked it in the console. However, I think I only compiled hl.dll. Should I compile client.dll now? Thank you for responding to me.
Posted 1 week ago2022-09-15 18:38:14 UTC Post #346874
Thank you! That was the solution after all. It works perfectly now! :crowbar:
EDIT: I appear to have the classic Half-Life view bobbing (The one where the camera tilts from side to side).

I don't remember doing the tutorial for that, but I'm not really complaining to be honest! I like this view bobbing! :)
A few HUD elements are a bit odd, though. The suit meter is quite a bit away from the health meter, and the MP5 viewmodel's a bit more centered. Is this a problem with some sort of code talking about aspect ratios?

EDIT 2: The viewmodels are fine, actually. Still confused about the HUD shifting slightly though.
Posted 1 week ago2022-09-16 16:30:33 UTC Post #346877
Always compile both DLLs when editing weapons.

The classic WON-era view bobbing is part of the HL Updated SDK.

The HUD shifting may be a consequence of this:
User posted image
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Posted 1 week ago2022-09-16 19:29:26 UTC Post #346879
Ah, makes sense. Thank you for responding again! It wouldn't be hard to set it back to a more reasonable amount of digits worth of space, would it?
Posted 1 week ago2022-09-16 21:29:24 UTC Post #346881
It's caused by the larger resolution. The armor hud is positioned at a fraction of the resolution so the greater the resolution the further right it moves.
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