[CS 1.6]How to remove the colon, at the bottom, in the center of the screen? Created 1 week ago2022-09-16 21:41:07 UTC by Sån1st Sån1st

Created 1 week ago2022-09-16 21:41:07 UTC by Sån1st Sån1st

Posted 1 week ago2022-09-16 21:41:07 UTC Post #346882
Hello everyone, can you please tell me how to remove the colon next to the timer? Before that, I installed "full hud remover", but the colon remained.
I'm just trying my hand at moviemaking and I need the crosshair and the killfeed to be visible.
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P.S. Why is the photo not visible, but writes "User posted image"?
Posted 1 week ago2022-09-16 23:02:13 UTC Post #346883
Hi! The photo is was not available because "Для того, чтобы это сделать, нужно сначала войти на форум" which I think means attachments are only available when you are logged in to that website. I suggest using https://imgur.com instead

Unlike the digits, the colon is not drawn from a 640hud sprite file, I suspect it's instead drawn entirely programmatically or from a font. Do you have recorded demo files? If you do, you can play back the demo twice, once with hud_draw 0 to hide the colon, and once with hud_draw 1 to capture the kill feed. Then using a video editor, you can combine the bottom half of the first capture and the top half of the second capture. Does that make sense?
Posted 1 week ago2022-09-17 20:58:43 UTC Post #346887
Yes it makes sense, I thought about it too, I just wanted to know if it is possible to somehow remove the colon without resorting to a workaround. For recording, I use HLAE (you can record the HUD and the game separately).
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