I'm trying to make custom animations for the default Half-Life 1 weapons, but whenever I export the animations and compile the model, the weapon disappears until another animation plays. I'm just using the steam Half-Life, not WON. If it helps, my process is decompile the model with Crowbar, import too blender with Source Engine Import addon, make the animation, export the animation as a .smd, replace the animation in the right folder, compile it and put the .mdl into the valve\models folder. But no matter what I do the weapon will always disappear until another animation plays. Do I have to do any custom coding? What can I do to stop this?

edit 1: I tried too import the problematic model into HLMV, and the model disappears when selecting the custom animation. I also forgot too mention that, making custom animations for NPCs work perfectly fine, but just the weapons break.

edit 2: I have identified my problem, the model is being teleported far upwards, I've tried too anticipate this but I can't find the sweet spot. I'll try too find it and maybe help others, if there is a way too prevent this, please tell me.