Music not playing in HL:OpFor WON version Created 1 year ago2022-11-23 10:32:12 UTC by NoName678 NoName678

Created 1 year ago2022-11-23 10:32:12 UTC by NoName678 NoName678

Posted 1 year ago2022-11-23 10:32:12 UTC Post #347123
Hey guys how do i make the music play in half life opposing force retail version (i just download it somewhere from internet archive i don't have a cd)
Posted 1 year ago2022-11-23 11:16:39 UTC Post #347124
It's dirt cheap on Steam right now, just buy it.

Otherwise, download a bin/cue CD image pair (NOT ISO) from, then download and install PowerISO, then mount the cue file as a virtual CD.
Posted 1 year ago2022-11-23 12:08:56 UTC Post #347125
Alr imma try it but WON version with xash3d is better than steam
Posted 10 months ago2023-01-23 17:53:11 UTC Post #347250
Xash3D was designed to run the Steam versions of the games. Therefore it looks for the Steam cues and file formats. For the original WON version, the music was stored on the game's CD like an actual music CD. For the Steam rerelease, it was changed so that the game looks for the music in the media folder in the valve (or gearbox, if we're talking about OP4) folder. The best way to replicate this is to download the soundtrack from this website:
Then, use this website to rename the music files according to what the game will look for:
Then, just put the renamed files into a folder called "media" in your gearbox folder. Then, it should work. A tedious process, I know, but it works.
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