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kimilil uBlock Origin cosmetic filters for kimilil5 months ago2023-12-26 00:23:26 UTC Just wanna share some goodies I put into uBlock Origin (uBO). This is partly an exercise to explore uBO's CSS capabilities which I recently learned is a thing, so you can just use uBO for simple CSS i... kimilil Goldsrc BSP relational model kimilil6 months ago2023-11-26 14:53:10 UTC I made this to get my head around the structure of a BSP file and its lumps.


- 2023-12-20: now has...
kimilil What happened to "Seery arts and crafts" YouTube channel? kimilil11 months ago2023-06-26 09:27:59 UTC ~~~info
This is a repost from r/halflife dated 1 Aug 2019. Reposting here just in case the account gets nuked.
[|Seery arts and craf... kimilil The three generations of Half-Life fandom kimilil11 months ago2023-06-26 09:23:19 UTC ~~~info
This is a repost from r/halflife dated 16 Oct 2016. Reposting here just in case my reddit account gets nuked. [|Original]

I'm drawing...
kimilil Post-Combine Job Security, aka what sort of industry survived (or even thrived) by the time of HL2 kimilil11 months ago2023-06-26 09:14:44 UTC ~~~info
This was a repost from r/halflife from 3rd Oct 2019. I'm reposting here just in case my reddit account is nuked.

After the Black Mesa Incident, the global economy must have fundamenta...