What are the source psd's for the hl1 npc's if they were made in photoshop Created 2 weeks ago2023-01-21 23:24:27 UTC by closed closed

Created 2 weeks ago2023-01-21 23:24:27 UTC by closed closed

Posted 2 weeks ago2023-01-21 23:24:27 UTC Post #347242
I know they are not images of people due to the look of their face, and they have to been drawn in some program with save files right?
Posted 2 weeks ago2023-01-21 23:42:22 UTC Post #347243
Sadly, there are no source files for the textures (as far as i know). You can use a model viewer to rip the textures, but in .bmp.
Posted 2 weeks ago2023-01-22 15:23:47 UTC Post #347244
The NPC textures were most likely made in Photoshop, we know Valve used Photoshop for many of their textures. I haven't heard of any of the source .psd files being officially released, apart from the works by Karen Laur but those were mostly map textures iirc. Then there's the leaks but I'm not here to discuss that.

Is there a particular reason why you'd want the source .psd files?
Posted 2 weeks ago2023-01-24 21:36:07 UTC Post #347253
Learning how they were made and how to replicate that art style,
Also it would be much easier to upscale the images if you had the psd
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