Mapping game of telephone Created 1 month ago2023-11-01 09:54:15 UTC by Erty Erty

Created 1 month ago2023-11-01 09:54:15 UTC by Erty Erty

Posted 1 month ago2023-11-01 09:54:15 UTC Post #347985
So Foxo came with the idea of a mapping game of telephone and I think it would make for a very fun collab.

Of course, there's many ways it could be executed so it's important to find a plan that keeps the essentials of the game (i.e. transmission chaining, or how information changes when sequentially told and interpreted) while keeping it fun to do.
In case there's enough mappers interested, I guess I can propose a plan just to kick off the brainstorming:
  • I think we should keep our messages limited to an one-sentence idea, and each link in the chain is a pair of an interpreter and a mapper.
  • The interpreter's job is to receive the last map, play it, and describe it as an one-sentence idea and tell their mapper this idea, and otherwise keep the idea secret.
  • The mapper's job is to take the interpreter's idea and make a small map based on it, with a beginning and an end, and send it to the next interpreter in the chain, and otherwise keep the map secret.
  • A secret "original idea" is given to the first mapper in the list, and consequently sent through each link in the chain.
When the last link in the chain has finished, the maps are combined and each map starts with a title showing the idea it was based on. That way you get to play through this evolution of the original idea.
Having the interpreter and mapper separated would also help keeping visuals and themes hidden, and hopefully produce some interesting results.
Posted 1 month ago2023-11-01 14:25:33 UTC Post #347986
Uh, kind of like "you draw me guess"? It's kind of interesting.
Lei Shi Lei ShiFRS石磊
Posted 1 month ago2023-11-02 08:11:48 UTC Post #347988
The Achilles heel of this concept is that it'd take forever to get done, because only one person can work on it at any one time. How many passes is enough mutation? What if the person working on the current pass ghosts the project? And what if there's a loose lip among us? ඞ
Posted 1 month ago2023-11-02 09:21:42 UTC Post #347989
Definitely will need both time and map size constraints. I'd say tops 5 days per mapper. Perhaps instead of pre-decided chain we could ask the remaining links who's available that following week to be the next link.

Unfortunately there's a probability of ghosters. I hope those that suddenly find themselves lacking in time or motivation or otherwise want to opt out let the rest of us know as soon as possible so we can either find a replacement or re-order the chain. 🙂

If someone has a loose lip they cannot help, I hope they can find somewhere else to be than here and ruining the fun for the rest of us. :p
Posted 1 month ago2023-11-02 11:18:13 UTC Post #347990
This sounds like a fun mini-game for a mapper..... I'm on-board with this.
John Pot John PotIt's Me, From Discord
Posted 1 month ago2023-11-03 19:42:56 UTC Post #347991
This is a fun idea. There was a CSS map years and years ago that was sent mapper to mapper, but without the secret interpretation stage.
I can't find that map anywhere - anyone remember what it was called?
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 1 month ago2023-11-05 11:57:23 UTC Post #347992
I remember that map, it was quite fun. I've searched my Dropbox archive and didn't find it. I probably have it somewhere on an older HDD or backup.
Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
Posted 1 month ago2023-11-05 12:09:44 UTC Post #347993
You're probably thinking of
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #5781
Posted 1 month ago2023-11-05 12:47:51 UTC Post #347995
What a great mapping journey this was! It deserves a CS2 version... if Valve didn't focus too much on the competitive aspects that is. CS2 feels like it's leaving the modding community behind.
Posted 1 month ago2023-11-05 15:12:42 UTC Post #347996
ayyy! Well-found Oskar!
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
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