Xash3D fixing overbright in Half-Life Created 3 weeks ago2023-11-17 17:16:47 UTC by crystallize crystallize

Created 3 weeks ago2023-11-17 17:16:47 UTC by crystallize crystallize

Posted 3 weeks ago2023-11-17 17:16:47 UTC Post #348051
May be you've seen this YouTube video:
(Author is not exactly correct on when overbright feature was cut from Goldsource though. Early 00s Steam builds still had it, I was introduced to HL with Condition Zero when it was already on Steam and still had overbright.)

Posting this video on HLFX forum started a discussion that resulted in fixing display of lightmaps and in couple other bugfixes like lighting of outdoor models.
Thanks to user Decay for lurking VOGONS forums and figuring out how to implement it in Xash3D.

More screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ahntAbu
Posted 3 weeks ago2023-11-17 18:56:03 UTC Post #348053
Valve literally just released the 25th Anniversary Update that fixed gl_overbright
Posted 3 weeks ago2023-11-17 21:41:41 UTC Post #348055
Yeah, it's funny how it turned out :)
Posted 2 weeks ago2023-11-18 17:54:51 UTC Post #348061
It seems their fix doesn't work, just watched Bolloxed and his bright places are all olive and the hall with DNA spiral on the floor was lit incorrectly.
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