Trouble regarding re-texture and compiling Created 1 month ago2024-01-18 02:09:42 UTC by ultrasex ultrasex

Created 1 month ago2024-01-18 02:09:42 UTC by ultrasex ultrasex

Posted 1 month ago2024-01-18 02:09:42 UTC Post #348466
Hi. I am currently working on a Half-Life modification, specifically trying to add custom textures.
I have gathered all of my textures, created a .wad using wad maker, and inserted them into my map. Problem is, the first time I compiled the map, it replaced the textures with HL placeholders I was using before (which I think, is the source of the problem).
The main reason being that I was using very large textures. I resized them to a proper size (256x256), re-packaged them and launched the map again. Still, it did not worked. I tried several alternatives, such as changing the .wad's name, removing the sky box (replacing it with another texture) and even moving the map files to a different directory (from the "valve" folder to my mods folder, probably another cause).
I don't know how to proceed in this matter, and I would appreciate very much your help.


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Posted 1 month ago2024-01-18 09:30:38 UTC Post #348469
I highly encourage keeping the valve folder free of any custom content. The valve_addon folder (enabled in Options -> Content -> Allow custom addon content), or even better your mod's directory, should be used instead.

Make sure you don't have a duplicate of your WAD in the valve folder, and make sure the one in your mod's folder is up-to-date with your changes.

As for the problem in hand, it's possible the textures in your WAD are named the same as textures from stock Half-Life WADs, such as halflife.wad.
This causes a naming conflict where (iirc) the texture of the first WAD to load will replace any subsequent textures of the same name.
If that's the case, you simply just have to rename your textures and fix the references in your map in the level editor.
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Hello there. (I'm submitting this reply because the other one wasn't submited for unknown reasons, or something...)
I've cleaned the valve folder from any mod leftovers and checked textures for conflicting issues. I've also cleared my mod's folder of any valve .wads or anything similar. However, none of these seem to be the cause of the problem.
While taking a quick look, I realized that I had accidentaly edited the HL game profile, and fixed it. It kinda solved solved the issue, although now when I run the map, it displays an error message (padev.wad not found, padev.wad is a .wad I'm using for dev textures and stuff).
I then thought that the problem had to do with the fact that I had replaced some developer textures, so I removed padev and replace it with halflife.wad, hoping it would ressolve the issue... which didn't solved the issue.
I then ran the map a second time, this time inside valve folder, and it also did nothing. The problem definitely has to do with compiling.
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Posted 1 month ago2024-01-18 23:47:02 UTC Post #348478
So, what exactly is the issue you are facing? Are the textures not appearing? Can you post screenshots or provide your compile log?
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Posted 1 month ago2024-01-19 08:43:58 UTC Post #348480
You're getting the "padev.wad not found" error message because you have some textures from that WAD in your map, but you don't have the WAD in your mod folder or haven't used the -wadinclude padev argument on the CSG compiler.

To make things easier, use a game configuration in your editor that only uses the standard set of HL textures (and zhlt.wad):
Now if you're using JACK, in the editor hit Alt+P (or go to Map -> Check for problems) and it should list several Invalid texture ('<texture name>') errors. These cannot be fixed by the editor so you have to fix it manually:
Open the texture browser and enable the checkbox for Only used textures.
All textures with a black-purple checkerboard is an invalid texture, so click it and hit Replace... and for the replacement (right side) type in "C1A0_W1" for example.
Do this for all invalid textures until there are no more errors when you Check for problems (Alt+P).

After that, compile the map and make sure the BSP is placed in your mod's maps folder, launch your mod and start up the map.
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