Looking for a GoldSrc modeler (paying for services is an option) Created 2 weeks ago2024-02-05 13:30:56 UTC by GoldSrc M.A.R.S. GoldSrc M.A.R.S.

Created 2 weeks ago2024-02-05 13:30:56 UTC by GoldSrc M.A.R.S. GoldSrc M.A.R.S.

Posted 2 weeks ago2024-02-05 13:30:56 UTC Post #348551
I'm trying to form a small team of people to develop this short total conversion mod https://www.youtube.com/@EXCAVATION_mod/featured

The mod has 1 active programmer, 1 on stand by. We need a GoldSrc modeler who can help me with models and their animations. I can do models to an extent and need someone who can take these models and textures I do, and finish the rest of it: applying textures/UVmapping (I do texture work again, we see how it looks, make adjustments if needed etc. ), doing required animations, and exporting/delivering a game ready model.

Atm I need assistance with probably one and only (alien) weapon in the mod. I have the 3D model itself nearly ready, same for the textures. Given the design has no round surfaces, texture/s can be simply projected. As for its animations:

1. Unfold
2. Fold
3. Idle
4. Fire
5. Heal player

You would be given a detailed brief on each task. Might be easiest to use Blender but whatever works for one, the end result is what matters.

If you can do any of the stages, e.g. just the UV mapping or exporting, whatever, that's still valuable and you are free to contact me.

There's a closed Discord server (we keep dev progress a secret and do public updates every now and then when enough new stuff is implemented).

E-mail: nenad.designs@yahoo.com

Thx for your attention,

Posted 2 weeks ago2024-02-06 09:20:20 UTC Post #348557
I could help but I dont do 3d modeling, I do half life 1 mapping
Tarek TarekA literal dumbass who uses Hammer++
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