How do I get VCD files out of scenes.image? Created 1 month ago2024-02-22 21:15:27 UTC by CPripyatUit CPripyatUit

Created 1 month ago2024-02-22 21:15:27 UTC by CPripyatUit CPripyatUit

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I'm trying to get a choreographed scene from HL2 working in my own map, but I have no idea what target entity is which. So I figured, fire up faceposer real quick and look at the scene. No such luck, it's all packaged into the scenes.image, which I have no idea how to get the scenes out of to inspect them with faceposer.

The faceposer documentation on the Valve wiki is nonexistent (it literally redirects to Category:Choreography), so I'm all out of ideas. Any advice would be much appreciated.

(More specifically, I'm trying to get Breencasts working; I can make Breen read the lines (he's target 1), but I can't get the audio output with the reverb that's loud enough to be heard across the map working)

P.S: I've tried decompiling some HL2 maps to find out, but bspsrc crashes with an index out of bounds error IMMEDIATELY.
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In the SDK sample content there's a copy of d1_trainstation01, which has the breencast setup in it; It's a prefab Valve used so it ought to be consistent across all the different choreo scenes.

As for actually extracting stuff from scenes.image, I have no idea if it's possible. You might have to track down an older build of the game from before that system existed when the vcds were all loose files (Or it might be in one of the SDK bases? I can't recall)
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Thank you! It'd still be interesting to figure out scenes.image some day, but for the time being, the SDK sources have helped me already (it's an env_microphone at Breen's mouth and an info_target at the screen).
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Oh sweet! Thanks!
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