Is it possible? Created 2 weeks ago2024-05-12 19:35:48 UTC by Sunset Sunset

Created 2 weeks ago2024-05-12 19:35:48 UTC by Sunset Sunset

Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-12 19:35:48 UTC Post #348794
Hi everyone is it possible to make this:
1:when you turning on flashlight and on player model appear a particle
2: you can use flashlight only on weapons
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-12 19:56:38 UTC Post #348795
Hi, welcome to TWHL.

Try to include as much information as possible when asking questions, as you're more likely to get the right answer!

For starters, what game is this for?
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-05-12 21:34:55 UTC Post #348796
By "particle" you likely mean sprite, which are 2D image objects in the game, and yes these can be attached to a playermodel and turned on/off based on various conditions such as when a flashlight is turned on/off.

Both making the sprite turn on/off, and limiting its use to only specific weapons, should be possible to code in CBasePlayer::FlashlightTurnOn() and CBasePlayer::FlashlightTurnOff() methods. Of course, you'll need to use programming for this using the SDK.
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