how do i make new sound files for HL? Created 15 years ago2004-04-26 21:48:31 UTC by franky franky

Created 15 years ago2004-04-26 21:48:31 UTC by franky franky

Posted 15 years ago2004-04-26 21:48:31 UTC Post #24166
i need to know how slayer a put those awesome sound files on his halflifewood level(that won a competition!). i would really apreciate it if someone showed me so i could finnish my mod!

thanks for any comments that aren't utterly stupid :P
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-26 23:41:48 UTC Post #24172
Sorry, I haven't got time to do a detailed description...
But if you have a look at the folders in HLWOOD, you will see the custom sounds in a folder.
There is also a modified sentance text in there.
Halfway down the sentance text there is a new addition called "special" or something. The additions to the sentance text match the new sounds in the folder. Simple innit?
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Posted 15 years ago2004-04-27 16:32:40 UTC Post #24268
Get Half Life Model Viewer and open Half Life's .pak file with it. Look around in the sounds untill you find the sounds you want to replace then do this(lets say you want to make barney say "Hello fathead" instead of "Hello Freeman"):
1.Make a flder in your sounds folder and label it barney
2.Find the replacement .wav you want to use or record the message yourself.
3. Find what "hello freeman" is labed as in the .pak and name your custom sound the same thing.
4. Put your custom sound in the barney folder.

This is what the file order should look like if I write it out:
Sierra/Half Life/vavle/sounds/barney /<custom sound>
If this is too complicated then I can post some helpful pictures of the whole process.
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-27 17:16:42 UTC Post #24284
An easy way is this. Put all of your sounds into a folder in the valvesound folder. ex. valvesoundvoxsound.

When ur mapping with an ambient_generic for the filename put
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-27 18:40:56 UTC Post #24303
There are several steps in the process and the answers above have hit on some of the steps. But here's the the whole enchilada in a nutshell. The first thing to remember is don't alter any of the original files or sounds contained in your pak0.pak file!!!!
If you have your own mod folder, create an empty folder in there called "sound". So you should have sierra/half-life/mymod/sound.
I used pak explorer to extract the sounds folder in the half-life/valve/pak0.pak file. Grab a copy of the sentences.txt file from there and place it in your mymod/sound folder.
I am assuming you have some custom sounds already that you want to use. Create another folder in your mymod/sound directory to hold your custom sounds. Now you have mymod/sound/custom full of your new sounds. Put You'll need to convert them to 8 bit mono wav files. I used Goldwave in a batch mode to convert the whole folder at once.
Then in mymod/sound/sentences.txt, look for barneys or scientist sentences. Find the ones you want to alter and change the directory and filename so it points to your new custom sound folder and filename. Like Andy said, look at the folders in HLywood and you'll see what I'm talking about here. For the monster sounds I did it differently because they don't have sentences. Worldcraft dude explained that method above, just remember to convert any custom sound to 8 bit mono wav format. Man, I feel like I just wrote a tutorial! ;)
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-28 02:08:19 UTC Post #24338
Copy an' paste it and put it in the Tutorial section then :)

easier said than done:-) (Andy)
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-28 15:37:40 UTC Post #24400
great advice, i actually don't have anyfiles right now i can put, but i really appreciate yall doing this, and i agree w/ seventh, you need to make a tutorial(but add some screenies and some links, and could you please add some of your sound files) and another question, did you use some kinda animation program for the gman at the end of hlwood(i loved the map but it was too short and too easy[but good!])
i'm pretty sure he doesn't have an animation that long,
unless you repeat some of the yes/no animations!
Posted 15 years ago2004-04-28 16:58:15 UTC Post #24425
Nope I didn't use any animation for the Gman at the end, I just have his 'prisoner' flag ticked so he doesn't go walking around. But I did use scripted sentences to get him to say the things he says. And if you have HLywood, you have all my sounds. Look in sierra/half-life/Hlywood/sound and look in the subfolders that are there, it's all the sounds I used. The readme file tells where i got all the sounds. Thanks for being interested enough to ask me about my mod! :cool:
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