Func_rotating has no friction Created 16 years ago2004-07-25 14:32:22 UTC by ubernoober ubernoober

Created 16 years ago2004-07-25 14:32:22 UTC by ubernoober ubernoober

Posted 16 years ago2004-07-25 14:32:22 UTC Post #44732
I made a func_rotating and checked the acc/dcc flag but the rotating seems to spin at full speed right when its triggered. I set the friction all the way to 90 but it seems to have no effect. Does anyone know if the friction really works? If so, how?
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-25 14:45:32 UTC Post #44736
Maybe you need to set spinup/spindown times. I imagine friction is only for pushables.
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-25 14:52:04 UTC Post #44741
monkey is right... i think (semi-noob)
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-25 15:20:21 UTC Post #44764
I dont see a spinup/spindown setting for a func_rotating. This is what it says at VERC:

"fanfriction (integer) Friction (0 - 100%) (default: 20) - This modulates the spin-up/spin-down rate of any brush that uses the Acc/Dcc flag."

"16 - Acc/Dcc - If this is enabled, the object will accelerate to and decelerate from its maximum speed based on the Friction value."

This doesn't seem to work, unless there's something I'm missing.
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-25 21:02:22 UTC Post #44884
The lower your friction is, the slower it starts up. doesnt make scientifical sense... but what the hell, thats how to do it!
TheGrimReafer TheGrimReaferADMININATOR
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-25 21:26:44 UTC Post #44890
lol thanks :)
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