Trigger something if I pressed button"s Created 19 years ago2004-08-01 10:38:47 UTC by Hongkongmapper Hongkongmapper

Created 19 years ago2004-08-01 10:38:47 UTC by Hongkongmapper Hongkongmapper

Posted 19 years ago2004-08-01 10:38:47 UTC Post #47324
as the title,how to make it????
Posted 19 years ago2004-08-01 10:46:58 UTC Post #47325
Use a func_button, it has a target field.
Put the name of the entity you want to be triggered in there.
Easy as 3.14159265. :P
Posted 19 years ago2004-08-01 11:44:07 UTC Post #47345
but I mean if two man press two button in the same time,the door will open.
If you press only one it is not work
Posted 19 years ago2004-08-01 12:04:02 UTC Post #47347
have the 2 buttons target a multisource, and the multisource target what you want to trigger. then give the buttons a reset time of about 0.5
Posted 19 years ago2004-08-01 12:18:21 UTC Post #47349
thank you very much :)
Posted 19 years ago2004-08-01 12:26:45 UTC Post #47351
Like the skittles commercial.

Bird flys in, rips opens the skittles bag, dumps skittles into man's mouth

man says: Thank you! Thank you very much!
Luke LukeLuke
Posted 19 years ago2004-08-01 12:53:38 UTC Post #47354
um...confusing now...
Can I kill some squadmaker and trigger something??
I was made those squadmaker trigger condition death and trigger the multisource,but when I kill one of squad's spawn,the multisource trigger something now~
what should I do?
Posted 19 years ago2004-08-01 20:13:50 UTC Post #47457
squadmaker? If you are killing monster_human_grunts, you can have each grunts death trigger a separate hidden func_button. Have each func_button trigger the multisource. That works.
Posted 19 years ago2004-08-02 03:22:22 UTC Post #47489
umm...let me try again :) thx
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