What mods do you like and why? Created 16 years ago2003-10-06 05:25:42 UTC by Steinin Steinin

Created 16 years ago2003-10-06 05:25:42 UTC by Steinin Steinin

Posted 16 years ago2003-10-21 14:11:12 UTC Post #2986
did you tryed deus ex??
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-25 15:49:30 UTC Post #3266
There's a site with a list of all mods currently available. Can't remember it though. Try a search on google and post it here if you find it.
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-27 12:36:48 UTC Post #3410
lol at the avatar steinin :P ;) :D :) :lol: :nuts:
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-27 15:18:37 UTC Post #3437
PERFECT DARK? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! PD ROCKS! And ministeve, steinin's doing a part 2 (I think).
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-27 16:06:37 UTC Post #3443
yeha i know pacman really requires mega skillz on stealthing ! :nuts: :nuts:
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-27 16:27:03 UTC Post #3452
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-27 23:16:41 UTC Post #3477
I have played all sorts fmultiplayer and single player rom Frontline Force to They Hunger to ETC to Azure Sheep to OpFor to Ground Zero and many more

The ones that do it for me have a challenge in skill and thinking... some hard bits, easy bits, blast 'em bits and some nice scenery...

Its the ambience that keeps me coming back to particular maps and mods...

Inspiration for my maps and tinkering come from all things.. life, tv, movies, cartoons, books, other maps... imagination is the key... think about something and then try and use the limited tools to make it happen.. thats the way to learn to map.
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-28 17:26:44 UTC Post #3520
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-28 17:35:34 UTC Post #3522
yeah he aint reset the clocks!
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-28 20:02:25 UTC Post #3538
Thief 2, there are no greater stealth games
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-28 20:35:41 UTC Post #3543
metal gear solid owns em all
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-29 15:49:15 UTC Post #3576
I reset my clock myself. /me is a big boy now!
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-29 17:22:10 UTC Post #3589
got thief dark age but it is SOOOOOOOOOO hard. fun though...
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-30 08:32:30 UTC Post #3626
Stuck in DarkStar.... More like headcrabbed to death. Arghhh I hated that mod, if it wasn't for the really good construction and ideas I never would have played it all the way through... Ummm that makes me wonder if I did play it all the way through?
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-30 13:43:28 UTC Post #3656
no. you didnt.
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-31 13:09:27 UTC Post #3743
I heard there's a HL Rally mod. Anyone seen it?
Posted 16 years ago2003-10-31 17:40:29 UTC Post #3756
Yep, saw teh mapping "SDK", a li'l preview. Wonder how it's doing...
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-03 10:25:39 UTC Post #3862
Ok, I going to make a mod that involdves all kinds of mod making including new enemies, weapons, game functions, program code, anything. As I go I could also write tutorials on how to do these things.

But then again. My tutorials doesn't seem to accepted very well :badass:
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-03 13:30:51 UTC Post #3876
Great idea! A coding tutorial sounds excellent and stuff like that!!! :cool:
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-03 17:24:17 UTC Post #3892
then i could make my mod work gooder! (i cant speak plenty proper england)
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-03 17:59:26 UTC Post #3894
lol :lol:
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-04 10:14:57 UTC Post #3917
that post was so old and it still said it was new.
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-07 18:57:15 UTC Post #4203
you lot are so backwards
Heart of Evil was so perfect it altered the state of my mind....like the end by the doors.....VIETNAM VIETNAM VIETNAM......

anyway, it is simply the most amazing mod ever. weapons textures monsters weather sounds plot you name it, it kicks botty

BTW it has an awesome chainsaw
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-07 21:50:03 UTC Post #4211
I like they hunger 1 and 3
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-08 19:13:40 UTC Post #4284
I went on LAN today. 8 hours of CS and I'll NEVER PLAY THAT SH!T AGAIN. :x
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-08 20:26:35 UTC Post #4292
just completed they hunger 1. it was definatly alot better than 2 because it really had proper horror settings. 2 had so much light you could actually see everything instead of the proper shadows like in the 1st. also the 1st had a more tense introduction...and that machinegun was bloody awsome
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-12 13:19:32 UTC Post #4516
heart of evil heart of evil heart of evil

its very name strikes fear and awe into my heart....

Posted 16 years ago2003-11-20 08:27:08 UTC Post #5152
Hi i personally like online mods such as Counter-Strike, DoD, ricochet rock as well and they should have a variety of weapons :)
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-20 10:31:10 UTC Post #5155
Heart of evil was the most boring mod i ever played. how could you like it!? i hated it ...
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-20 13:17:47 UTC Post #5166
boring?!?!?!?! did you actually play it or just sit at the desktop imagining you were playing it
It adds hundreds of new ideas to half-life in its old age, and all of them done amazingly

Of course if you meant you didn't like the vietnam THEME thats a different story.....

but I would say it ranks amongst the greatest SP mods ever.

Posted 16 years ago2003-11-21 22:05:24 UTC Post #5284
cs is awsome i dont care what you pple say
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-22 00:19:54 UTC Post #5294
The CS world community sucks... Not a game for begginers and experts see themselves as kings of the servers... Pathetic.
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-23 10:12:34 UTC Post #5447
it depends on the server, some of them are very enjoyable,

its unfair to dismiss such a great mod because of a few people who play it 24-7 on 100mb/s fiber optic lines...

(do those exist? ;) i'm too sick to think... can't even see my toes from where i sit :( )
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-23 10:43:01 UTC Post #5452
That's 'cos the desks in the way, kol ;)
I agree, though, that quite a few of the CS servers are not newbie-friendly!
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-23 14:42:50 UTC Post #5462
Most of the servers are very asocial, you dont talk to anyone, unless its like:
"OMG HAXXOR NOOB ASS Fedit"... You get the point.
But some are really fun, with even teams, no whiners, and no bullys lol
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-23 14:47:29 UTC Post #5463
So, Zombie, when exactly do you see these? In the desert when you've had nothing to drink?
Seventh-Monkey Seventh-MonkeyPretty nifty
Posted 16 years ago2003-11-23 22:49:18 UTC Post #5489
Maybe, but, where are those friendly servers??. I quit played it because everyone was flaming newbies once and again (they don?t seem to care about WHO makes the maps they play... We mappers do them!!!), talking as zombie says or even asking you to leave... Really, it?s a shame. I love playing CS with my friends in LAN when we get the cybercofee store for us the whole night but one thing is playing with friends and other is to play with perfect strangers flaming all the time. That?s such a LACK of education, insulting someone you know nothing about just because he plays bad tells some things about the education a person has.
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