Weird Dreams

Spirit of Half-Life Spirit
Weird Dreams by Zami90
Posted 18 years ago2004-06-30 13:53:50 UTC • Completed • Spirit of Half-Life
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Weird Dreams
Zami90 Zami90
Spirit of Half-Life
18 years ago2004-06-30 13:53:50 UTC
17 years ago2005-07-18 09:24:01 UTC
3.50 (2)
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Well.. Map is really short but, i can still say, you would like it! :D Download and see..


Commented 18 years ago2004-06-30 14:12:24 UTC Comment #2535
Jesus. I jumped so many times. I think someone read the atmosphere tutorials.

The headcrab made me jump. When i heard the zombie i ran back into the light as quick as i could. And the bit at the end? I won't tell anyone what it is but JESUS! I nearly sh*t myself. Wasn't expectin that at all.

Nice map but you need to include a suit so that you can change weapons.
Commented 18 years ago2004-06-30 15:06:41 UTC Comment #2538
A very nice looking map! It's more than good (for me). If you add some more sounds in the background it'll not be a very good map. It's already very good :D. Oh, look at that moment when rocks blocks corridor. It's easy to crawls under it. And Urbanebula why you want a suit there? You already have it in game. 5/5 great map
Commented 18 years ago2004-06-30 15:45:45 UTC Comment #2540
While architecture and texture usage aren't so special, the mood and overall feeling is very good. Indeed a nightmare, but a winnable nightmare. I liked it... :)
Commented 18 years ago2004-06-30 16:51:27 UTC Comment #2541
1. Is this a horror map?
2. Can this map be played with normal Half Life?
Commented 18 years ago2004-06-30 16:55:30 UTC Comment #2542
1. yes
2. no
3. spirit
Commented 18 years ago2004-06-30 17:01:20 UTC Comment #2543
1. What is spirit?
2. What happens if I play it with Half Life?
Commented 18 years ago2004-06-30 17:08:21 UTC Comment #2544
1. A mod.
2. It will crash
Commented 18 years ago2004-06-30 17:38:50 UTC Comment #2547
I played with with normal Half life, it didnt crash,b ut I got stuck. Got Spirit and sorry to say.. that wasn't very scary.
Commented 18 years ago2004-06-30 17:40:01 UTC Comment #2548
Why didn't you post a screenshot of the actuall thing?
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 04:24:59 UTC Comment #2556
nice map... especially for a beginner. it was fun with good suprises. gj :)
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 04:25:21 UTC Comment #2557
I played it without spirit. I guess i should get that huh?
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 04:27:56 UTC Comment #2558
ya... it takes like a minute to d/l and instal it. i just installed it to check out this map. get it here:
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 06:56:26 UTC Comment #2559
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 07:40:59 UTC Comment #2560
Hmm.. thanks about ratings! Im wery pleased! Im working on another horror map.. Please wait.. Can take much more time than this "Weird Dreams" because it?s much complex and bigger.. just wait and.. umm.. HAPPY MAPPING! :D
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 07:42:36 UTC Comment #2561
And now the little thing how you can play the map fully.. When you teleport to that cavern, look at ceiling of that big room.. there is button.. shoot it! :D
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 08:30:59 UTC Comment #2562
I've seen it, the button. And I've well, won, so to say. Sadly nothing happened then... You should let the level at least end by fading it out, a text message like 'The End' or such thing. Would be better.
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 11:56:45 UTC Comment #2564
I think your supposed to die for the ending
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 15:00:35 UTC Comment #2566
I don't think so... the gluon gun was just too much of a hint not to die...
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 15:24:41 UTC Comment #2567
I couldn't find anywhere past that collapsed rock.
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 17:11:01 UTC Comment #2568
The Gargantua WAS the ending, it had to be, theres nowhere else to go and you cant reach the gluon gun AND kill the Gargantua all before dying, plus it says "THIS NIGHTMARE IS OVER"
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-01 18:51:25 UTC Comment #2569
hmm... i thought it was kinda easy to kill the gargantua before dying...
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-03 08:40:14 UTC Comment #2576
Yeah?! Well your stupid! Bwah!
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-03 19:55:27 UTC Comment #2577
Coolfat, wcdude, anonymous, unknown :
You need to cool down. Comments like "YOUR STUPID" isnt exactly welcommed.

Also, give constructive criticism.

"Got Spirit and sorry to say.. that wasn't very scary." just doesnt do it. Explain 'what could scare me more', 'how to improve', 'what to improve'.

For the map, ill test it tomorrow.
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-05 10:32:38 UTC Comment #2582
env_fog Coolfat3459, that's what you use to get atmospheric fog. The fog is by no means amazing looking, not as good as particle effects which are very complicated, just looks good for setting depth.
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-06 10:01:40 UTC Comment #2600
The map was well... Not that scary.
I mean, I jumped alittle when the zombie came up, and when hte headcrab jumped out, but thats it.
I missed ambient sounds, music, interactivity.
The texturing was quite ok (but clearly thats not the focus of this map). I liked the end-scene wiht the exploding wall and the garg-fight -
Good job, just make it scarier next time ;)
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-19 20:14:41 UTC Comment #2793
Heres some improvement ideas then. (calling acer X stupid was a feeble attempt of making a bad comeback)
At the end have something scary looking jump at you really fast when the thing explodes. Theres something that will make you jump. ould try it with a sprite perhaps?
Commented 18 years ago2004-07-30 15:37:40 UTC Comment #3068
i was nt realy statled or scared by it at all and i scare easy
Commented 18 years ago2004-08-17 22:53:59 UTC Comment #3392
where do u go after u get gluo gun? and what garg?
Commented 16 years ago2006-05-15 13:10:09 UTC Comment #11864
I didnt like it all.It was rather boring not scary.But I'll give 2 for the effort.

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