The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Half-Life HL
The Sydney Harbour Bridge by AJ
Posted 19 years ago2004-11-15 07:59:50 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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The Sydney Harbour Bridge
19 years ago2004-11-15 07:59:50 UTC
15 years ago2009-03-14 08:50:19 UTC
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This is my entry for Competition 12 - Real World Reconstruction. A warning for those who wish to check it out: it's a pretty laggy map. If you can't run it in OpenGL, you may have more luck running it in Direct3D. Sorry, but there's nothing I can do about this, it's just the nature of the map.

If you have any queries about it, feel free to ask. Extra info and screenshots can be found here.


Commented 19 years ago2004-11-15 08:04:58 UTC Comment #5056

No problemo dude. Anytime. Now I hope I can get this freakin' homework done, since I spent most of my time helping you >:(

CURSE YOU!!!!!!!!!!1


(PS: Cool map :D )
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-15 15:15:40 UTC Comment #5058
Three things pop to mind:
Masked textures, scrollwater (stretched textures) and mod folder.

It ran laggy on my machine, on OpenGL, 1600x1200, but not as bad as I expected. I wouldn't advise Direct3D over OpenGL though, as both make use of your 3D-card but Direct3D was added later to the game as OpenGL and therefor isn't as optimized as OpenGL... Although some 3D-cards may run better with it.

But aside from that, looks like a good recreation of the bridge itself. Would be nice to see it being lit though. ;)
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-15 16:11:00 UTC Comment #5060
ooow, i hate alloc date crashes, had a few to wiht my mod. thank god i found a solution, never make the env_shooter wihtin a entinity!
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-15 16:40:19 UTC Comment #5061
I felt like I was going over it O.o(which I have done countless times) very nice job,though train doesn't move :P. Lighting should've also been toned down a tad or been completely dark,ya know new year style? (:o trapt I forgot in our earlier thing,we had the Olympics AND the new year celebrations) wouldn't it be cool if you re-make it for hl2 with fireworks or that cool blue touch. All in all nice job ant
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-16 01:56:57 UTC Comment #5068
I don't think Ant had time to compile with lighting. That compile would take years :P
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-16 02:17:39 UTC Comment #5069
lol imagine compiling the whole of sydney. 10 years to get the textures, 20 to create, 30 to compile O.o
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-16 04:59:55 UTC Comment #5070
My HL broke during the final stages of the project. I couldn't compile without HL restarting my computer. :P
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-16 14:34:20 UTC Comment #5072
Only 30?
Commented 19 years ago2004-11-17 02:15:22 UTC Comment #5076
on a fast paced comp. My comp doesn't lag during hl2,rome total war or doom 3.
Commented 19 years ago2004-12-04 21:44:08 UTC Comment #5233
Just a note: You can run it in OpenGL, but you need a half-decent GFX card.
Commented 19 years ago2005-01-30 23:02:04 UTC Comment #5803
You guys know damn well it deserves more than three stars.. Dam spam-raters!
Commented 19 years ago2005-03-14 08:13:41 UTC Comment #6269
Awsome map. Very clean and fluid, considering the size and complexity of the map. Againe, great job and Congrats!
Commented 19 years ago2005-04-02 11:42:38 UTC Comment #6523
Truly amazing and it should be made into HL2 later on!

I would play it all the time if it was :D
Commented 18 years ago2005-08-16 16:23:07 UTC Comment #8600
Well done getting this on the front page :).

An excellent map, of course, since I gave it whatever-eth place in the appropriate competition. First, I think.
Commented 18 years ago2005-08-23 09:20:39 UTC Comment #8653
holy freakin' crap...
Commented 18 years ago2005-08-25 04:17:13 UTC Comment #8695
This is a beautiful map, very VERY accurate to the real thing. Good texturing helps the map, and I really think those car models are damn cool. With its nice entity work and absolutely awesome architectural detail, it was a very worthy winner.
Commented 18 years ago2005-09-18 02:24:05 UTC Comment #9053
Finally dl'd and ran this map. Ran it up to 1024x768 in OGL when it started to drop frames. Dx is okay all the way up and really shows off the texturing.

Excellent, excellent work.

..except.. all the cars are going the wrong way.. :)
Commented 18 years ago2005-09-18 08:18:45 UTC Comment #9062
Aussie roads. ;)
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-06 09:12:42 UTC Comment #9736
good made, but to much lag
Commented 18 years ago2005-11-06 19:54:01 UTC Comment #9747
By the way, this worked for me in OpenGL so :) It lagged a tiny bit but it was impressive! Sorry I didn't comment sooner, I was a lazy arse back then.
Commented 18 years ago2006-04-24 10:24:26 UTC Comment #11572
Very cool. Hard to pull off that detail and scale in HL1. 5 stars all the way :)
Commented 18 years ago2006-05-04 06:48:26 UTC Comment #11643
Wow dude! This looks very nice! I had like 4 fps ;P
Commented 18 years ago2006-07-13 09:53:04 UTC Comment #12527
I had it about 40FPS

To you it's 5+ points
Commented 17 years ago2006-10-05 21:49:32 UTC Comment #13093
the links broke
Commented 17 years ago2006-10-05 23:26:18 UTC Comment #13094
So it is!

m0p removed my webspace when I switched to Rabid's. I'll fix it ASAP.
Commented 17 years ago2006-10-05 23:33:30 UTC Comment #13095
Ok, tis fixed.
Commented 17 years ago2006-10-06 18:27:46 UTC Comment #13099
Commented 17 years ago2006-12-18 23:40:31 UTC Comment #13747
It was an amazing recreation, but the crippling performance (I ran this on my friends computer (can hold 130 fps in CSS with 2560 x 1780, AA/AF 16x, Highest settings, but this map rendered in 15 fps) and no ability to actually walk around gives it 4 stars.
Commented 17 years ago2006-12-27 02:05:59 UTC Comment #13829
I live in Australia and have been over the bridge many times. I'll tell u all if its good but I'm sure it is
Commented 17 years ago2006-12-27 06:32:08 UTC Comment #13833
I've actually only been over the bridge 3-4 times.
Commented 16 years ago2007-12-06 08:18:55 UTC Comment #16079
Didn't play the map until now.

It was pretty awesome!
Noticed some minor overlapping cases but else it was just amazing!
I mean, the map was huge!
And all those metal bars, woah.

Commented 15 years ago2008-10-18 14:46:56 UTC Comment #17031
Wow this thing is ultra cool . It looks very realistic , but uh ... I guess those cars are just damaging the "real" image of that bridge .
Spectacular arhitecture . I even had some popcorn while watching it :D

Can you post the rmf to this creation ? Thanks . ( I think I asked too much :D :D :P )
Commented 15 years ago2008-12-29 15:16:09 UTC Comment #6793
i thought it was a rollercoaster :D
anyway nice job
Commented 2 years ago2021-12-28 20:08:46 UTC Comment #103913
AJ, I hope you don't mind that I replaced your external download ( ) which was broken, with the files from the competition page.
Commented 2 years ago2022-01-25 10:41:01 UTC Comment #104037
I like bridges, and by George, this is a bridge

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