Realtime Clock - With Ticking

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Realtime Clock - With Ticking by alexb911
Posted 17 years ago2005-11-12 11:22:03 UTC • Examples • Half-Life
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Realtime Clock - With Ticking
alexb911 alexb911
17 years ago2005-11-12 11:22:03 UTC
17 years ago2005-11-12 11:26:18 UTC
Download (36.5kb)

Four Realtime clocks, (due to reflective flooring that I was messing about with)

-> With Seconds, Minutes and Hour Hands

-> Accurate to 30-60 seconds every 30 minutes.

-> Second Ticking Sound

Please feel free to include this in your map, just mention me in the readme... please!!!

Thanks for downloading another [cough]quality[/cough] map by "alexb911."!!


Commented 17 years ago2005-11-12 11:51:46 UTC Comment #9843
Wow, nice, what's the rotating speeds?
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-12 11:59:32 UTC Comment #9844
6, 0.11, and 0.0025
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-12 12:18:34 UTC Comment #9845
Is this correct?
6: seconds
0.11: minutes
0.0025: hours

Very nice!
I think I'll use it in my lab map, I'll give you a credit of course.
I've never had this idea be fore.
Nice figguring m8! :)
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-12 12:24:21 UTC Comment #9846
i think it would be different for every different size clock, because it is the circumference that is effected by the rotational speed and the size of the clock. follow me? try it out, but I think if you had a smaller clock, the numbers would also have to be smaller... im not 100% sure?!
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-12 13:33:02 UTC Comment #9848
No, the rotational speed would be the same.
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-12 13:41:42 UTC Comment #9849
well there you are then... cheers 7th!
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-12 14:10:17 UTC Comment #9851
Nice. Quite realistic.
The second hand was a bit slow, tho.
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-12 18:35:25 UTC Comment #9854

Very neat! :D
Bet that took some time to fine tune. :)
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-12 20:20:18 UTC Comment #9856
Very clever! I'll probs use this in a 'HL2' map, same entities I presume unless you use multimanager? Hope not :D
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-12 21:11:06 UTC Comment #9857
only multimanager for ticking of clock, not for clock!
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-16 10:55:49 UTC Comment #9899
In a HL2 map you could use an animated model which would be easier (and perhaps also more accurate). You could do that for HL too... ;)

But anyway, it's a nice example map though fairly simple I think.
For reflections, search for an article on the VERC called 'Poor man's shiny floors'. A much more believeable way of doing reflections.
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-16 12:08:29 UTC Comment #9900
yeah, thats quite cool. more work though, but probably more realistic and effetive. ill try it out one day. as for the animated model idea, that could also work, and it would definately help improving compile times. i don't do a lot of modelling, maybe i give it a shot!
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-16 14:48:52 UTC Comment #9903
Poor mans shiny floors don't really cost a lot more work, in fact, you can leave out a lot of the detail since it's basically a dark room underneath with sprites at the locations the lights would be.
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-22 14:02:34 UTC Comment #9948
Neat, though I don't think I'd ever use it for anything. Really cool Idea just the same, and as always, outstanding ingenuity on your part!

Went to VERC to check out the floor tutorial, and I was blown away at the great tutorials there! I guess I live under a rock :)
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-23 10:46:19 UTC Comment #9952
If you haven't visited the VERC, then that's sort of living under a rock yeah. ;) If you want to extend your knowledge and your library of tricks, go out and look at other sites. Good tutorials, good inspiration, and more. :)
Commented 17 years ago2005-11-25 15:42:58 UTC Comment #9971
Alex, nice man! I tried something like this once and gave up tweaking the time values, you are one patient dude :)

I wanted to use something like this but bigger for a map with "Big Ben" in it :P Great work!
Commented 17 years ago2005-12-18 11:45:26 UTC Comment #10100
I've seen one of these somewhere else, but Nice work, I think they did something like this for a part in HL with one of those yellow things with white circals on them.
Commented 17 years ago2006-01-28 11:55:34 UTC Comment #10715
another way to do it(HL1 and mods):
make a model(or get someone to do it for you) of a clock. Make each one have several hands. Get the clock all correct so that the hands of the model rotate at the right speeds, make sure that they stop, not rotating all the time , so its like real clocks do, theyll do one small tick, then stop, then another tick, and stop, and another tick, then stop ... etc etc blah blah blah blah
yay. now put a sound entity right next to the model. now in the sound entity, well, you might have to make your own or find one, but anyway, in the attributes, in the path attribute, go and find your wav. Now you find your wav file(.wav, sound file), double click it and the browse window will disappear. Close the properties window and yay, you have a clock. unless you have this fgd, you cant see models in vhe, so the clock will need adjusting. And no, dont just go 'i already have that fgd', its a modded version of the tommy14. of course you MIGHT already have it still ;P
Commented 17 years ago2006-01-28 11:55:52 UTC Comment #10716
i dont know whether you got the file?
Commented 15 years ago2007-10-18 08:56:10 UTC Comment #15815
lawl Code it so it displays the actual time.

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