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de_spirits by Xj2
Posted 12 years ago2006-01-21 01:00:48 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike: Source
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Xj2 Xj2
Counter-Strike: Source
12 years ago2006-01-21 01:00:48 UTC
12 years ago2006-01-21 01:05:05 UTC
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Bomb defusal map set in and around a Cathedral.


Commented 12 years ago2006-01-21 02:35:28 UTC Comment #10582
Wow that looks excellent... I have to reinstall Source soon :(
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-21 05:59:06 UTC Comment #10585
all I can say is wow!!!( mouth hits the floor) it took me ten min. to load the damned level in game lol
and let mesay it was well worth it from the sheer size and detail of the cathedral to the crisp thundering eerie drone you get through out the level the rain everything was beautiful there wasnt one thing i did'nt like about this level

oh maybe some better shrubs lol

excellfreakinglent job Xj2
very believable cathedral did you design off a real one in your area or is this strictly fictional
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-21 08:49:24 UTC Comment #10586
Nice map. It's huge, so we do actually get the feeling of being inside a cathedral. The outside was also nice and the ambience great (it might need more than an invisible clipbrush to block a certain part of the map). I can feel this map would be great for sniper combat due to its size. I liked the paintings of Piranesi's drawings (are these custom textures?) an almost everything else around the map. Some surfaces are too shiny for my taste, but as a whole, the map is great.
How long did it take to compile?
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-21 10:17:37 UTC Comment #10587
copper, the map Cathedral is based on York Minster ( which is quite local to me, although I did use A LOT of creative license so beyong the basics its not that accurate. I can also see Ripon Cathedral ( right out my bedroom window, so research was easy :D

Kasperg, the Piranesi paintings are actually the standard textures, the only custom textures are basically the stained glass windows plus a few other bits and pieces round and about (see how many Sega ones you can find :p). Compile was about 9hrs, largely because I maxed out on detail brushes so some detailed brushwork had to be world brushes, and vrad for the lighting took forever.

Thanks for comments :)
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-21 11:40:41 UTC Comment #10589
I saw this on interlopers and read all the comments on wow this looks good. It is good so well done.
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-21 12:46:05 UTC Comment #10593
I saw this on FPSbana and I'll sya what I said there. Excellent work, nothing short.
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-22 13:27:54 UTC Comment #10612
wow great map. beautiful. reminds me of that chartres quake3 map by qkennyq.
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-22 18:29:40 UTC Comment #10618
Great map. Perfect for 16 on 16 matches. 5 Stars
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-23 02:24:06 UTC Comment #10624
Heh. I was the one who helped Xj2 in making this map available for download at He released it at the Steam CS:S forum a few days ago.

Nice map, by the way. But you already knew that.
Commented 12 years ago2006-01-28 07:19:33 UTC Comment #10708

Can't think of anything bad to say about it. Must have been a lot of work!
Commented 12 years ago2006-02-01 12:03:46 UTC Comment #10769
Also forgot to vote...
Commented 9 years ago2008-06-25 18:07:01 UTC Comment #16734
Amazing. Stupendous size & detail, even for Source. Plays nice, too.
Commented 9 years ago2008-12-30 19:05:44 UTC Comment #6240
Very nice detail and effects. I don't know how playable it is due to the enormous size, but a great map nonetheless.
Commented 7 years ago2010-07-30 18:57:47 UTC Comment #18301

++Utterly well-made
++Utterly huge
++Utterly realistic
+++Utterly detailed
++Great/huge 3d skybox

-ambience inside the church and other places would have been nice
-lighting in the church was a little to bright imo
-no candles in the church, really?

Amazing work. I've never seen such a huge map so meticulously detailed. As far as gameplay, it's a little wide-open for my tastes, but really that and my other critiques are really meaningless compared to the scope, size and quality of this map.

Super stuff! if i could rate higher than 5, i would!
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