Compo 20 -noname- FINAL

Half-Life HL
Compo 20 -noname- FINAL by rowleybob
Posted 14 years ago2006-05-10 20:39:41 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Compo 20 -noname- FINAL
rowleybob rowleybob
14 years ago2006-05-10 20:39:41 UTC
14 years ago2006-05-16 20:44:31 UTC

Final Update. Thanks to Dauby and Captain P, and everyone else who made constructive critiques...I tried to make as many changes as possible in the time allowed.

"floatables" are still glitchy, but more manageable imo. To push them out of your way quickly, get close without touching it, and hit the USE key.

Cycler Submodels still have the annoying bounding box around them, so if you walk to close to them they'll impede your movement. I tried lots of fixes with no success :(


Minor changes as per the thread. I didn't make all the changes I wanted to, but I think this one is a little better...hope you think so too!
Thanks to Everyone at TWHL whose tutorials and forum posts I used to help me complete this map.

Special Thanks to RabidMonkey and Captain P for the information you provided for Submodels.

Very Special Thanks to Kasperg for a providing us with a fun compo, and a peak at how you put your maps together!



Commented 14 years ago2006-05-11 05:45:13 UTC Comment #11763
Holy Crap, that's awfully destroyed! Reminded me of opfor. :D

Awsome job! I wonder what everyone else did.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-11 09:54:50 UTC Comment #11765
YAY! Another competitor. I did the exact same thing in my map with the busted ceiling.. but never thought about the nuke, or upside down truck.. very well thought out.



Good Job
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-11 11:05:41 UTC Comment #11766
Oh my god, very realistic!I loved the ropes.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-11 12:23:49 UTC Comment #11767
TY for the nicey comments :)

I disable the rating, since I generally don't give maps I comment on ratings any more, It's hardly fair to ask for them. Plus, who isn't afraid of the dreaded 2-star rating :P
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-11 14:53:44 UTC Comment #11771
Also loved the decal on the bomb"Die, Freeman" . A nice touch ;)
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-11 18:00:56 UTC Comment #11774
Looks mighty fine, rowley. :)

The bomb and that slime were nice idea's, and I really liked that elevator shaft and the way you cracked up that office hallway - it feels very wide now while it's essentially just a fairly small corridor.

Of course I still got something else to say (:P)...
Performance was a bit... humm, those sunlight rays could've been double-sided, and movement in those detailed area's was a bit nasty, but that wasn't what the contest was all about anyway so good work. :)
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-11 18:14:51 UTC Comment #11776

The submodels bounding boxes--is that the right term?--make moving around them difficult at best...and way too many models makes the "too many visible enities" thingie come up alot too!

There might be one more version of this, but it has lots of problems currently :(

Thanks again for the pointers and suggestions! ^_^
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-11 18:28:09 UTC Comment #11777
Ah, it's because of the models! Use the cycler or cycler_sprite entity in that case - harder to work with, but not annoying in the end. ;)
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-12 03:27:59 UTC Comment #11779
Yes, I had the 'Max visible ents in ent packet' error and the performance wasn't super smooth, although still - the map was great.

Things I liked:

-Detail. It was awesome. From the debris to the.. um.. debris it was all done very realistically. I loved the broken crates at the spawn and the broken trashcans. The blinking lights and other stuff were also a great touch.

-Extra areas. They really added alot to realism. I really liked the office with the grunts and the elevator shaft (it was a bit strange, though, since it wasn't blocked by anything visible, and you still couldn't access it)

-Destructification. Now that's the best part of the map. From the large broken stuff, like the ceiling and the pipes to the smallest objects, like the trashcan and the crates - it was all very realistic. I loved the debris from the broken roof with the support beams and stuff. It all looked very realistic. The broken pipe, pouring water was also very nicely made (although since it looked, that the pressure is very big, you could have added a little damage to the wall, that the water hits and perhaps a small env_shake for extra realism) The sprites there were also a good idea, although they were a bit low-res. I also liked the gap in the door at the spawn, where you could see the sky. A very nice touch.

-Great use of decals. The deacls added alot to the overall looks of the map. Great work with that.

The bad stuff would be:

-The ambience. Now I can't say, that it was bad, since it added alot to the atmosphere, although the apache sound started to burn my ears after a few minutes. To make it less repetative, you could have made it sound, that the apache is moving (changing sound), not floating in one place.

-The slime in the flooded room was very nice, although it didin't match the water, pouring from the pipe. I don't know, if you wanted it to be like that, although it still looks quite unrealistic. And speaking of slime - there was a little glitch with it in that room. The slime is too thin at the door with the processing area sign. Try jumping in it there and you'll see.

-The power generators in the flooded room and the office areas were just BEGGING to be destroyed and made to shoot deadly electricity beams, while you left them perfectly undamaged. ;)

-Lighting. The blinking lights were a good touch, although they're too repetative. The endless blinking really made it hard for my eyes.. *.*

Overall - a very good map. For now - I think, that it's a 100% trophy-winner. :)
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-12 08:44:04 UTC Comment #11780
Good job. No item_suit make zombieloffe a sad boy.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-12 13:39:33 UTC Comment #11805
Just type give item_suit in the console, thats what I did.

Great map rowley.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-12 14:34:56 UTC Comment #11808
Thank you All for your comments and suggestions ^_^ !

I agree with all of the constructive critiques, though I don't think I'd make any more changes, even if I've had an additional week! I'm just really tired of this project right now :)

I did however submit one more entry that addressed or tried to address these issues:

-Water by the processing sign--Dauby!: I extended the brush to the bottom of the deepest part, but when you walk/swim down there, there's still no visible water...oh well, I tried!

-Water color--Dauby!: I changed the water flowing from the pipe to to color of the flooded area, and it looks much better imo...thanks!

-"floatables"--capt !: I tried to adjust them so they weren't so annoying and thought about removing them completely...but the room looked to plain imo without them, so they're still there.

-Submodel bounding boxes--Capt P!: I tried various methods to make them passable, but with no success :( So, I tried to keep them mostly out of the path of the player to minimize stuck points.

-HEV suit--ZL!: Yeah, you can tell I don't make SP maps often, a big mistake that I will not repeat on the next one!

Good luck to everybody!
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-30 10:30:39 UTC Comment #12080
My prediction was right..

The map <b>is</b> a trophy-winner. ^^
Commented 13 years ago2007-01-13 19:23:03 UTC Comment #13985
This was a great, destructive map, I REALY liked how the cielings were destroyed haveing support beams and wires destroyed, I would rate but, AHH, NO RATING THINGY, noooooo, Great map though.

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