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c25 entry: StarCraft by Captain Terror
Posted 10 years ago2008-07-13 05:14:24 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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c25 entry: StarCraft
Captain Terror Captain Terror
10 years ago2008-07-13 05:14:24 UTC
8 years ago2010-07-09 15:48:17 UTC
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NOTE: this map was built with gamma/brightness turned all the way up. So, if your gamma and brightness are set to default(50% for each), this map will look very dark!

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Made for Competition 25 - Remake a Game!.

The entry was built using screenshots of the original StarCraft, and some teaser video from StarCraft 2, to resemble Gettysburg Spaceport map from the StarCraft universe.

Please leave me some comments! = )

The map is maxed out in clipnodes, even with optimization, so the Protoss area, can't be added to anymore unless i redesigned/simplified the entire map.

There's lots of other fancy stuff i wanted to add like a Battle Cruiser or a Dropship func_train ride, and even a way to give some limited simulated gameplay: like being able to mine, and spend your money on a Marine or an scv,etc.

I also wanted to do a zergling rush with zombies or headcrabs, and or just make a simulated Wraith attack on the protoss base using func_trains and effects and sound for the cloak/decloak.

Anyway it was fun! thanks to TWHL for a fun competition! = )


Commented 10 years ago2008-07-13 13:00:15 UTC Comment #16121
Sweet Jesus-on-a-stick, I love Starcraft and loved this even more.
What I found awkward were terran SCVs, they looked more like autobots from Transformers than space construction vehicles. ;>
As for protoss - nearly flawless re-creation. I wish their turrets were made operational though. ;>

Overall - amazing stuff. Quite a spectacular feeling to see my favourite RTS on my favourite FPS.
Enabled ratings so I could give this 5 well-deserved stars (disable if you really want to ;< )

Oh, and a zerg-like HEADCRAB RUSH?! DO FUCKING WANT! :o
Commented 10 years ago2008-07-13 14:18:13 UTC Comment #16119
I pretty much agree with Dauby on everything. Fav RTS in my fav FPS.
Would've been amazing if you would have designed interiors for the buildings.

Anyway, build additional pylons. =D
Commented 10 years ago2008-07-13 14:54:53 UTC Comment #16120
shit woh woh , a starcraft compo !!!
Commented 10 years ago2008-07-14 14:38:32 UTC Comment #16768
Well I didn't download the final version yet but from what ive seen from what ive already downloaded, it was awesome.

Back when I was younger I used to play starcraft a lot though I was usually zerg or protos. What you've created is really cool because instead of viewing everything from above I can walk through everything and be overshadowed by the buildings and workers. I thought the minerals looked really neat and was surprised how much brush work the gold engine could actually handle. Some of the textures looked kinda fony but they got the job done. This would be an awesome multiplayer map if you put a bunch of longjumps and weapons around the map, you should seriously do that.

All I can say is I love starcraft and you totally recreated it as good as the gold engine could handle. This entry really scared me when I saw it and I think it deserved better than third. Keep up the great mapping!
Commented 10 years ago2008-07-14 14:57:19 UTC Comment #15896
Fucking awesome! I enjoyed it quite a lot.
Commented 10 years ago2008-07-15 20:52:10 UTC Comment #15820
Also, if you're running high on clipnodes, you may want to consider using BEVEL instead of NULL. Same effect, plus less clipnodes.

Read up:
Commented 9 years ago2008-07-17 16:15:14 UTC Comment #16770
Wow thanks for the nice reviews you all make me feel proud! = P

Daubster: I agree with the SCVs, but there aren't a lot of good pictures of them, so i improvised a bit! I dunno if i'll update this map, but i'll sure try that clipnode thing if i run out again. And yeah, i was totally guna make the turets pop up and shoot at you, plus use the audio i ripped from the game, but like lots of other things i ran out of time/motivation. I also wanted to add the building sounds when the player touched them too, but i forgot. Anyway thanks so much again for the review. = )

Saw1833: Thanks Fella i appreciate the nice words and rating! = D

Zeeba: Thanks! I'm sorry you didn't place with your entry after all your hard work... i hope you keep entering compos becuase i enjoyed your entries thoughtful construction very much. I agree with you about the texturing, much of it is questionable at best. If i would have took a little time making custom textures rather than searching the HL.wad for suitable substitues, i would have been MUCH better off. Thank you very much again for you comments! = P

SpaG: Wow thank you! I appreciate your comments quite a lot! = )
Commented 9 years ago2008-07-25 05:32:06 UTC Comment #16793
not bad this map! Only things missing are the enemies... Maybe I will add some marines and guns
:-P ! Also: Starcraft is a great game, yeah!

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