Venko's cool prefabs 2

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Venko's cool prefabs 2 by venko
Posted 11 years ago2012-04-20 11:43:58 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Venko's cool prefabs 2
venko venko
11 years ago2012-04-20 11:43:58 UTC
11 years ago2012-04-20 11:43:58 UTC

Venko's cool prefabs
The second wave

Not all of the prefabs in this pack are exactly mine, some have bugs, SO IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO READ THE DETAILED "READ ME" FILE FIRST !!!


Commented 11 years ago2012-04-21 03:37:15 UTC Comment #19859
  1. you put the prefabs all in indivdual rmfs, when they would all fit nicely in one. I'm probably NOT going to load up each rmf just to look at an uncompiled prefab, which leads to #2:
  2. compile a quick bsp so we can quickly look a the prefabs in-game. This is a simple thing you could do to make it easier for people to see if they would want to use them.
  3. why you'd post someone else's prefabs i have no idea, and furthermore, i wouldn't recommend uploading anything with "bugs" since there is absolutely no good reason for to do this i can think of.
[/end rant]
Commented 11 years ago2012-04-21 14:46:58 UTC Comment #19921
Did You at least read the "read me" included, or look in the rmf-s and map-s? I don't think so, You just readed the short exaggerated description... Next time, see what You are dealing with, then comment!
  1. You are just lazy, it's not the end of the world, you know...
  2. This is the only one I can partly agree with, I could includ a bsp, but I didn't, and it's too late now...
  3. You never see my "second wave prefabs", so you don't know, that they are 99,9 % mine and build from scratch, I'm just giving a credit for one, that I steal the idea for, so... Under "bugs", I mean that some of them needs the "hlfix", 'cos they are too complicated [even using "hlfix" with "-na" parameter (valve hammer editor don't like complicate shapes and you know it), just to preserve positions, not 'cos they have bad brushes...], that's why someone are map-s other rmf-s, and my prefabs don't have bugs at all actually, they are perfect, if You exclude the use of "hlfix".
  4. I don't have much spare time to deal with not important things, like making the bsp or so...
  5. Those, who don't like the pack, may not use it and make prefabs all by themselves. I'm not forcing anyone...
  6. Everything else is so perfect, even the never seen side of the prefabs (like the bottomest side of the brush that will collide with the ground) is perfectly aligned and textured, compared to other prefabs...
And so on...

Are you from this guys, that are always unhappy with everything? When the "life" gives you a lots of money, you complain they smell bad, when gives you gold bars, you complain they are too heavy...

My prefabs are made for the mappers in need, not for the critics...
"The first wave" : - 209 downloads - 46 downloads - 398 downloads
and others...
(today results)

[/end truth]
Commented 11 years ago2012-04-21 20:02:03 UTC Comment #19922
4. The total number of Venko's prefabs used in a level by the "mappers in need": 0 persons.
5. Calling someone "lazy" who actually takes time to download/comment on your work is idk, just really stupid =/
Commented 11 years ago2012-04-21 20:58:28 UTC Comment #19923
Look, Captain error... "stupid" is when someone is very wrong and he continues to spit, posting wrong stuff and wrong arguments, instead of admiting his mistakes...

I uploaded the packs here, to be easily to found, I don't want reviews from anyone, and no one is forcing you to review them. I'm sorry for your lost of time for this review, oh You perfect mighty Lord of mapping that is enormously above every mapper in the world, which gives You rights to critc them, oh You almighty awesome primary crtic of all mapper community...

Seriously, I don't give a ** how good mapper you are, this don't give you the rights to post bull****s.

From now on, keep your opinion exclusively for yourself, unless You are asked to give it, and actually check the stuff, before You comment it.
Commented 11 years ago2012-04-21 21:05:45 UTC Comment #19924
Well you are wrong, and obviously not admitting your mistakes. Therefore you must be stupid.

You should listen to Cap's constructive criticism and learn from it.
Commented 11 years ago2012-04-21 21:14:00 UTC Comment #19925
I'm posting for the last time, just to be clear, even for the SLOW people.
Captain, You even admited, that you didn't look at each prefab, 'cos they are in many files. I think, that You not even looked at the "read me" too, before your FIRST post, when You acted like a big boss. That's why, there is no way that You can possibly know that, yours :
  1. can't be done, 'cos some prefabs are for CS, others for HL, some requires "hlfix", some don't.
  2. I builded a bsp-s for each prefab to test them, but my laptop here is too slow, so I can't wait a whole day (or more) for compilling all the prefabs in one bsp, plus, they must be 2 bsp-s, 'cos some are for CS others for HL.
  3. The prefabs are mine, and don't have bugs actually, the description above is for making people actually read the damn "read me".
  4. I'm aware of using them even in a HL mod.
But how could You know this, when you didn't look at each prefab, you just read the description and started commenting.
Balls are needed for admiting the mistakes, like didn't checking the stuff actually, FIRST...
One more thing about your #1 and #2, lots of the prefabs I downloaded around the net, also don't have bsp-s, or are in a few files, maybe it's not good that I, in a hurry, release the pack in a not very professional way, maybe you and Madcow tell me for good, but you are doing it in a wrong way, and not admiting your mistake. I spended enough time to make the prefabs, and I don't have more for non important things like #1 and #2. Summoning an old friend/minion on your side, against the newbie, is also not a good example for the new users here...
Sorry, that I didn't know the 10 prefab making commandments :
  1. Thou shalt not steal.
  2. Thou shalt include an example bsp in the download.
  3. Thou shalt made all prefabs in one file.
and so...
Last note to everybody : Where in the description, You people read "reviews are welcome" ???
Commented 11 years ago2012-04-23 01:34:46 UTC Comment #19930
Ok i admit it:
  1. i DID NOT read the readme.
  2. yes, i am a lazy person.
  3. Sorry i reviewed your map without permission
Really bro i was just trying to help, and i never intended to act condecending nor dickish, though i know i come off that way, 'specially to people who don't know me for a long time.

Apologies Sir! ='(
Commented 11 years ago2012-04-23 13:26:23 UTC Comment #19934
It's been a while since I saw a prefab pack. I will have to download this later and have a look.

The only issue I have with this is that detailed prefabs can be a little intensive when compiling a map with more than say 5 or 6 in it. I guess that's why prop models are more popular among the modern day goldsource mapper.
Commented 11 years ago2012-04-23 18:42:40 UTC Comment #19935
@ Urby :
Here are 5 tanks from my prefab packs, next to each other, see for yourself is the FPS acceptable. The compiling was minutes. I noticed that, when compiled, most of the process is passing very fast and when RAD reachs 99% before the bouncing, it stays at 99% to oblivion. This is when the "zoner tools" makes the "block light" entitys, and this takes a lot, since I use a lot "func_wall + block light", otherwise this complicated prefabs are not possible to be made. Plus, there is a 512 limit for the models, when there is no for the prefabs used ;)

@ Cap. Terror :
I'm not a sir, and You don't need to apology, since I don't feel insulted in any way. But, for the future, think about this : You worked a lot of hours on some map or project, and then finally release it, then someone says : I didn't check your stuff, but it sux, 'cos it's zip-ed not in the way I liked it. I'm sure that You will go crazy a "lil bit". I apology, if I overreacted, I was just protecting my work with an arguments.
The reason I don't want reviews is, that this is just a prefab pack (nice crate, good cube shape, nice use of 6 same textures and so... sounds lame?), no point to comment, since they are simple, this is not a map. When I release maps, and I will soon, then feel free to comment (I will post in the description, that this is welcome).
If You want and can and have time, You can made the 2 prefab packs in 1 or 2 files or even a ".ol", compile a bsp or two, and tell me how to reupload them.
See what happened when people don't read the "read me"s. How to make the people to read the "read me", I can't upload it in the description, since it's an "exel" table. Just be careful in future, think, You don't know the people. For example, You don't know, that I'm aware of some of your works, I'm older and nice person (not some stupid kiddo), I release the packs for the mappers for free without benefits, just the costs of spending my free time, like all You people. I model and map since '99, just never release the stuff. Now I decided to slowly redo/update/fix and release all the stuff, which, will take some time. This site have very experienced and good community, I even used help not one time from here. Just don't "big-bossing" the newbies, 'cos as You can see no one is perfect or know everything.
No hard feelings, we cool now?

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