DM_Rust [Beta]

Half-Life: Deathmatch HLDM
DM_Rust [Beta] by UrbaNebula
Posted 6 years ago2014-05-03 21:57:24 UTC • Completed • Half-Life: Deathmatch
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DM_Rust [Beta]
UrbaNebula UrbaNebula
Half-Life: Deathmatch
6 years ago2014-05-03 21:57:24 UTC
5 months ago2019-12-18 14:40:31 UTC
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Simple HLDM map set in an storage environment. Nothing special. Uses standard HL features and a custom sky from Poke646.

Constructed in about a half a day (12 hours or so on and off)

Comments and feedback more than welcome. :)


Commented 6 years ago2014-05-03 22:50:59 UTC Comment #18425
The architecture is clean and nice, it's faithful to the Half-Life feel.
Things you can improve are the sound atmosphere though. It's too depressive, it uses most of those mysterious industrial backgrounds HL has to offer.
Also, the outside lighting is a bit too greenish for my taste.

Otherwise, this map has the potential of beerfort in terms of a hot deathmatch fight.

[EDIT] Just read in the forums that you made this in a day. I don't consider myself a good mapper, because I casually delve into this act, but it's hard for me to believe you! :o
Commented 6 years ago2014-05-03 23:28:05 UTC Comment #16040
Wow. Very simple but elegant nice geometry. And what a nice layout that seems like it will be enjoyable to play.

I really like all the details like the trusses with pipes running through them. The light bulbs are nice along with the fluorescent bulbs.

Attention was paid to detail which makes the map fun to walk through. Lets just see how it does in the server.

Also, although I really don't like the standard half life textures, you did a good job using them. Oh and the sky box isn't working for me, let me try to find out why.
Commented 6 years ago2014-05-04 04:58:02 UTC Comment #20549
Looks promising. Compact and without obvious dead ends, seems to keep things flowing. Let's see how it behaves when it goes on the server.

Constructive criticism: The light is a bit too cyan-ish especially outside, it looks odd next to the gray skybox.

/me holds from rating until non-beta comes out
Commented 6 years ago2014-05-04 07:24:04 UTC Comment #20553
I've taken dump that are larger than this map. But I guarantee they weren't as nice looking. Good job on this, I really like it!
Commented 6 years ago2014-05-06 15:07:22 UTC Comment #20561
I've taken dumps larger than Carbaseus.
Commented 6 years ago2014-05-07 08:47:44 UTC Comment #20562
Wonderful work Urby!

I like that you created something beautiful, while keeping with the original Half-Life Style, which is chunky by nature ;)

The Urby sign made me smile; I will smile for the rest of the day because of the Urby sign ;)

If i had one complaint, it's that the scale is a bit too small imo. Selecting the entire map with Ctrl+M, and scaling each axis to 1.2(or a little less) will make things like the doors, a the proper size, and easier to navigate for DM ;)
Commented 6 years ago2014-05-07 10:16:41 UTC Comment #20564
I always love maps that have a complex layout in a small space, and this is no exception. Couple areas are too dark and I agree with the weird environment light colour comment from Stu. Played really well with four or five people, though! Great work.

Zeeba, change your diet.

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