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Bosconian_Beta_002 by Tetsu0
Posted 3 years ago2015-05-13 01:46:19 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life 2: Episode 2
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Tetsu0 Tetsu0
Half-Life 2: Episode 2
3 years ago2015-05-13 01:46:19 UTC
3 years ago2015-05-14 02:38:11 UTC
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BOSCONIAN - Top-Down arcade style shooter
Original release: Namco:1981
Take the role of a lone fighter, up against the galaxy.
Destroy enemy fortifications and fighters as they try to destroy you
  • BETA_002 - May 13, 2015
Release #2, fixed much of the problems in release 1

Plain background to increase contrast (plan to change)
Overhauled the Fortress Firing systems - they're very reliable and do not spew out unwanted particles when they fire (this previously crashed the game)
Tweaked enemy fighter AI - not perfect, but it's better. needs work
Added end of game/level script
Fighters 'usually' die when shot
smoothed out respawns
I changed the way the ship shoots for the worse i think. You need to re-activate the cannons every time you change direction. This change was made to get rid of the particle bug yet introduced an unwanted gameplay mechanic. I need some more time to put it back the way it was.
If a Vertical and Horizontal movement button are pressed at the same time, the ship will fly diagonally yet face up or down. Diagonal movement is not planned yet. Exploit as you wish.

  • BETA_001 - May 12, 2015
Initial release to TWHL community for comments
and critisism.

Small fortress guns don't always fire
Respawns are a bit glitchy
Enemy fighters tend to bunch up
Enemy fighters don't always die when shot
There is no End of Game


Commented 3 years ago2015-05-13 01:58:07 UTC Comment #20870
Once I get m' HL2:* working, I'll hit this up. (Who knows when it stopped, I haven't touched it for a long time.)

Aaaaand there we are. I won't pretend to understand how hard (or not) this would have been to make, and I can't say I know of its namesake, so objectivity shalln't be hard.
  • Against the bright background, the shots — particularly the enemy fire — were a little hard to see. Likewise, the icons on the minimap could use more contrast, especially the enemy's.
  • Enemies bunched up a lot, as you noted in the readme, and I noticed they occasionally got stuck within each other, which seemed to immobilise them.
  • It seemed quite possible to snipe the structures (whatever they're called), and probably the enemies, from any distance, including waaay outside of your field of view. Don't know if that was intended.
  • Diagonal movement was a bit awkward, what with the fact that when you move diagonally, you still face a cardinal direction.
  • I don't know what it was, but nigh on the whole time, there was a really quite loud crashing (or maybe exploding) sound. Without an obvious indication of what was causing it, coupled with the volume, it wasn't all that pleasant.
That's what leapt out at me. Otherwise, the game itself wasn't unpleasant to play.
Hope that helps!
Commented 3 years ago2015-05-13 23:54:52 UTC Comment #20871
HOLY SHITNUTS you made it!1@ Downloading! =P
Commented 3 years ago2015-05-14 03:48:43 UTC Comment #20873
Copy/paste from the thread:

Ooh, yeah, that made it a lot better. Looks like you've addressed just about everything (as you've stated). Only found one bug this time round. It seems that pressing fire and then a direction nigh-simultaneously, you can end up shooting parallel to your line of travel. Obsoive (Note that there's no turns in the trail):
Other than that, fighters seemed a tad... hesitant to bother coming after you, but that sporadic-ness actually felt like a nice touch either way.

Only thing that bothered me was that fire-stopping-when-you-turn thing, but you've acknowledged that.

All-in-all, a lovely improvement!
Commented 3 years ago2015-05-15 00:09:58 UTC Comment #20874
very interesting mod. could use some speeding up to be engaging. feels really bland.

Fighters are too easy and shooting backwards makes it too easy.
Commented 3 years ago2015-05-25 23:22:45 UTC Comment #20892
copy/paste from thread
Just played the original Bosconian on MAME, and I must say it's a really fun game! The game is pretty fast-paced and plays well my only wish there was a secondary-fire weapon like a torpedo smile - :)

Your Ep2 is very faithful to how the original game plays, well done! You did a really good job with the lasers, they remind me of a star destroyer repelling enemy fighters with multiple laser batteries.

I had to play with the sound disabled because people were sleeping, but I'll play it again tomorrow to check out the groovy sound effects =)

My only complaint with the game is I wish the fire button was a little more responsive, other than that you've really done a fine job! Nice work on the radar faithful to the original as well, and the mother ship energy core thingies grin - :D

Diaganonal movement doesn't work for me at all. (In MAME, you can make the ship go diagonal by combining W or A with S or D)
Commented 3 years ago2015-06-01 01:36:51 UTC Comment #20893
Also Brett, REALLY NICE job scripting this! Would it be possible/practical to make a MP version, where say you have 5x5, both teams with their own motherships and fighters? =D
Commented 2 years ago2016-03-03 18:44:39 UTC Comment #4323
Short answer to that question: Multiplayer isn't possible with the current controls setup

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