Access Point

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Access Point by Dr. Orange
Posted 2 months ago2018-05-16 17:17:33 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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Access Point
Dr. Orange Dr. Orange
2 months ago2018-05-16 17:17:33 UTC
2 months ago2018-05-18 14:41:27 UTC
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A Half-Life single player map set in a high security storage facility.

Version 1.1


Commented 2 months ago2018-05-17 00:37:02 UTC Comment #21341
Not at all half bad! An enjoyable singleplayer level in the style of the "We've got hostiles" chapter.

Why in the world did you include a liblist.gam and a bunch of resource files? That's totally unnecessary if there's no custom content like models, sprites and sound at all.

My only complaint is the overal lighting of the map, I find it a bit bland. I would'nt say boring, but uninteresting. I mean, take a look at the thumbnail screenshot above, the ceiling is almost pitch black. Could be my monitor brightness setting, but you did pick a pretty dark texture for the ceilings. You could've spruced up your ceilings with smaller lights for example, as well as cables, pipes, small electronics like power boxes lit by small spotlights, stuff like that, or instead of having one big brush making up the ceiling of one room, break it up a bit, have support beams, or mix in some other textures.

Other than that, a well layed out map. :)
Commented 2 months ago2018-05-17 18:05:32 UTC Comment #21342
Played on hard. Simpler version of "we've got hostiles" from half life. It felt like a sven coop map kinda because of the basic design, although the combat is pretty nice. The optional side rewards at first makes a huge difference later on in the game, there's also more creative ways to go about the harder battles. I'd say this is a combat oriented map and the battles are designed pretty well, good for a challenge but since I took the side path it was fairly easy. Otherwise this might be a tough challenge I imagine.
Commented 2 months ago2018-05-18 14:50:39 UTC Comment #21344
Thank you for your comments! I have now updated the map with overhauled lighting and additional details. Feel free to have another look at it if you want to.
Commented 1 month ago2018-05-26 15:17:27 UTC Comment #21351
Woo! A singleplayer map in the vault!

Short, sweet and very authentic. I would go as far as to say that you could drop this into the middle of We've Got Hostiles and a lesser experienced Half Life player would be none the wiser.

Played on hard and actually missed the optional side path so it was pretty challenging.

One issue I noticed was that the grunts having a conversation don't react when the other is killed. I assume this was done so that the player can bust the vent without the grunts spinning round and blasting them? Otherwise, solid.
Commented 1 month ago2018-06-14 20:00:33 UTC Comment #101259
A pretty good Singleplayer level, plenty of hidden goodies to look for and very solid gameplay.

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