Fake 2D Skybox Models

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Fake 2D Skybox Models by [-TR-] 3mirG
Posted 1 month ago2022-06-02 22:43:09 UTC • Completed • Not Listed (Goldsource)
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Fake 2D Skybox Models
[-TR-] 3mirG [-TR-] 3mirG
Not Listed (Goldsource)
1 month ago2022-06-02 22:43:09 UTC
1 month ago2022-06-02 22:50:08 UTC
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[ Fake 2D Skyboxes as Studio Models for All Goldsrc Games! ]

Models were created in Blender. Maps and Prefabs were created in Valve Hammer Editor 3.5 using the Advanced Half-Life FGD.

[>>] General Descriptions:

With 2D Skybox models, high quality skies can be added up to 1024x1024 resolution texture quality and can be manipulated by the mapper using entities.

Alternative types such as "No Down" and "Top Half" are available. You can change the textures of the 2D Skybox model that comes with the archive with any model viewer program.

[>>] Important Notes:

  • When dividing 1024x1024 resolution textures for 1024x1024 skyboxes, create a 512x512 selection area and move it 1 pixel diagonally from the edge of the main image. (The move direction should be towards the center of the main image.) Repeat this process for all 4 pieces. (Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right) Applying this method will ensure that the seams caused by texture filtering don't occur at the intersections of the textures of each face.
User posted image
  • Used the env_sprite_model entity from Advanced Half-Life FGD in prefab. Advanced Half-Life FGD is required at this point.
  • Requires VHLT compiler tools, won't work on ZHLT.
  • For those using Valve Hammer Editor 3.5, load the registry file included in the archive to enable viewing the Skybox models in 3D viewport.
[ /!\ Please carefully follow the important information contained in the images, the "Read Me" file and the Prefab structure. /!\ ]

[>>] Archive Content:

[ Fake 2D Skybox Model ]
  • "Read Me" text file
( It is highly recommended to read before using the Prefab. )
  • Render and Submission images.
  • [ EXTRA ] Hammer Much More Extended Clipping Plane.reg
( Modifiable registry file. )
  • Fake 2D Skybox Preview Map (Recommended to Play)
( The required models are in the "Models" folder. )
  • Fake 2D Skybox.ol
( Prefab File used by Valve Hammer Editor. )
  • Fake 2D Skybox.rmf
( A RMF file so that the prefab can be used in other level editing programs. )
  • Skybox Models
( Also the requirements for the preview map. )
  • Skybox Model Source Files (Compressed)
( Compilable source files. )

[>>] Softwares Used:

Softwares that have been used to create the models and other resource files:
  • Blender
[ Creating both 1024x1024 and 512x512 2D Skybox Models. ]
  • Gimp 2.0
[ Creating template textures for "2DSkyBox" model. ]
  • Valve Hammer Editor 3.5
[ Creating the Preview map and Prefab. ]


Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-03 17:42:02 UTC Comment #104501
Very usefull
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-05 11:56:05 UTC Comment #104515
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-06 13:15:58 UTC Comment #104518
That's a very nice showcase map!
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-06 14:52:51 UTC Comment #104519
Thank you so much for playing!

I hope this prefab will be very useful.
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-06 17:27:38 UTC Comment #104520
Very useful! gj :biggrin:

One of your best preview map ever
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-06 18:58:55 UTC Comment #104521
This is really cool

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