Abandoned School of Monsters

Half-Life HL
Abandoned School of Monsters by xzerio
Posted 1 year ago2022-12-28 10:49:24 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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Abandoned School of Monsters
xzerio xzerio
1 year ago2022-12-28 10:49:24 UTC
1 year ago2023-01-04 05:24:31 UTC

This map isn't finished

Also its probably going to sit in dev hell for a long time, this is just so people can see what I did more or less. Maybe one day I will finish the 2nd wing, flesh out the 1st, and add cool stuff. I think the biggest problem is that maps are usually made room from room, bottom up as opposed to top down. It's harder to be creative when you already have things set in place without re-doing everything all together. When I made this, my mindset was just to create a school using a level editor that I had never used before (trench broom) I didn't worry about playing it or anything I just wanted to design a map in 3d space. I made textures using pictures of an old Japanese school, the whole school even has a gutter surrounding it that is extremely dirty and mossy, because of how dark the map is and that you are mostly in the interior of the building most people wouldn't notice or even appreciate it.
Hollow High
This is what the map used to look like in Godot, it was a lot bigger and I had to cut it down a lot (also had to resize the entire map), it was going to be a indie game where you explore a haunted school but I know nothing about coding so I never really got anywhere with it.

I more or less got into goldsrc because I wanted to play with an engine that already has a bunch of tools I can play with without having to code directly. I use linux and I was unable to even make a mod for half life even with Admer456's help. This meant that I wasn't able to import enemies from afraid of monsters or even edit models which basically killed all my interest in this project, I only released this for the sake of having a semi-finished project instead of completely abandoning it. If I ever get learn how to make mods for half life on linux I might come back and make something of this map but the path still seems so unclear.


Commented 1 year ago2022-12-29 22:21:06 UTC Comment #104963
Your map will not run, it is missing essential model files:
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Commented 1 year ago2022-12-30 23:48:03 UTC Comment #104966
Having now played the map with the missing models now included in the download, I have to say it still seems a little broken in places. The skybox in the screenshots doesn't appear to have been included either which means the map is dimly lit while occurring in broad daylight.
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The first map simply consists of an exterior with a loading screen once you approach the front door. What's inside is fairly basic. Almost entirely pitch black rooms some of which have a few headcrabs or headcrab zombies inside between very chunky furniture. You can find a magnum on the second floor, along with a crowbar which I never used. It's also possible to climb back outside via the window in the magnum room.
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There are a number of custom textures used, but a lot of them are fairly blurry, like the lockers in the entrance and what I think are medicine cabinets in the nurses office?
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There does appear to be a secret passage up to the roof where you can find a radio, but otherwise this map doesn't appear to have an ending.

Certainly not a bad map for a first attempt, but there's a lot of mistakes with the upload and there isn't a whole lot of challenge on offer.

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