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Posted 1 year ago2023-01-13 05:16:29 UTC • Completed • Half-Life
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xzerio xzerio
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1 year ago2023-01-13 05:16:29 UTC
4 months ago2023-10-23 20:00:31 UTC
2.67 (3)

Ongezellig Mod for Half life

Update: I tweaked the enemy placement


Commented 1 year ago2023-01-14 19:35:32 UTC Comment #105001
First of all, I'm sure that this is referencing a franchise that I am not familiar with so I can't really comment on that side of things. I'm going into this totally blind.

From the perspective of a Half-Life mod and as a map pack, this is a strange one with some room for improvement. A series of incredibly short maps, some which feature action and some which do not. There is very little plot to guide the player, but basically when the action kicks off the mod is a grunt fest. On the hardest difficulty there isn't a lot of health for the player. I was stuck with 6HP for the last couple of fights (which included assassins) which quickly devolved into corner peaking, shotgun blasting tedium.

From a mapping point of view, there are a lot of little niggles throughout that make it obvious that the grid was either disabled or set really low in the editor. There are a ton of single unit gaps or lips on brushes which you can sometimes get snagged on as well as causing some ugly lighting issues.

Overall I would say this one is an oddity, maybe worth checking out but with a number of issues that can cause frustration.
Commented 1 year ago2023-02-05 00:18:50 UTC Comment #105083
That was... interesting.
I agree with Urba Nebula, there are a lot of HECU marines to fight, and its pretty unbalanced.
The minimalism is certainly strong, however i think its part of the artstyle?
There is almost no plot, or story or at least "Where the hell am i even going?"

This is a somehow decent quality mod. Its good, but just for one or two playtroughs.
Commented 3 months ago2023-10-29 23:10:57 UTC Comment #105611
This mappack is awesome (in my opinion). Although I am pretty biased considering I love Ongezellig :3
The island was pretty cool, but the boat section (and the scooter section later on) I think could've been improved with some enemies scattered about to shoot at.
One thing I particularly enjoyed was the appearance of the Ongezellig Holland, 1945 video. As someone who loves NMH, Ongezellig, and Half-Life, I was pretty stoked to see that there. Jamie and UrbaNebula seem to have not liked the enemy placement, although I did not have any issues with it (probably because of the newest update, which appears to have fixed that issue).
The weakest parts of the mod IMO were the abrupt ending and the aforementioned scooter segment, which both could've been expanded upon greatly.
Overall: pretty sick!

P.S. No comment on Nazi Mymy.
Commented 3 months ago2023-10-31 18:08:50 UTC Comment #105612
The map was short but fun really liked it but I had no idea what was going on I'm not say that the mod is bad for this I'm just saying I had no fucking clue what was going on I new it was Dutch from the flags, Architecture and the language But I don't know what these characters are from and Why are there Nazi stuff IM SO CONUFSED SOMEONE TELL ME WHATS GOING ON In all it was quite fun and really peaceful at times almost like a dream

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