Half-Life: Deathmatch HLDM
corridors_collide by Dr.Cola
Posted 5 months ago2023-12-03 01:38:24 UTC • Completed • Half-Life: Deathmatch
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Dr.Cola Dr.Cola
Half-Life: Deathmatch
5 months ago2023-12-03 01:38:24 UTC
4 months ago2023-12-30 11:32:11 UTC
5.00 (1)
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Black Mesa had constructed 4 portals to various locations. Xen was their main destination but for some reason the other portal are ending up in strange places.

This map has 4 areas connected by a main chamber.
Jungle, Snow, Xen and Offices.

Jungle is all about tight areas with emphasis on verticality.
Offices is all about corridor fights where everyone is on equal level.
Xen is about low-gravity fights with minor platforming and various routes.
Snow emphasizes on simple, open but balanced and fun shooting without any complexity to navigation.

V 1.5 changes:

Snow Biome:
  • Added a new area that loops around.
  • Re-done the bathroom visuals.
  • Added extra details.
  • Changed how the teleport exit in the ceiling tiles look.
V 1.4 changes:

Main chamber:
  • Fixed bridges being breakable with satchels.
  • Made some visual improvements.
  • Made changes to clipping to improve navigation
V 1.3 changes:

Main chamber:
  • Removed Rocket Launcher in the main central chamber.
  • Offices has been adjusted with a new room that will also reduce chokepoint power.
  • Offices now have bathrooms!
  • Increased detail in offices.
  • Upper cave in jungle has a vent that drops down into turret cave.
  • Increased death pit in front of turret to make turret much more viable.
  • Moved crossbow to the upper jungle cave.
  • Reduced snarks in upper jungle cave from 15 to 5.
  • Moved portal in jungle into its own alcove, no more accidentally getting teleport in the middle of fights.
  • Changed crate stacks into a rocky cliff textures in jungle.
  • Xen has been adjusted for much better flow.
  • Xen labs doors now open much faster.
  • The Tau cannon has been moved from the pool to the Xen labs corridor.
  • Added a long-jump module where the Tau cannon was in Xen.
  • Changed ladder at Xen labs exit to stairs.
  • Overall improvements to visuals in Xen labs.
Snow Biome:
  • Made some minor tweaks.
  • Added a suit recharger.
  • Upper area has been improved visually and gameplay-wise.
  • Minor visual improvements
V 1.2 changes:

  • Added a few Xen creatures in the Xen biome
  • Xen vines dividing Human lab and Xen caves have been improved for better visibility.
  • Remade turret with own version
Main chamber:
  • Fixed audio in central area of map glitching out
  • Fixed hornets from Hornetgun triggering Gluon gun alarm
General changes:
  • Weapon and Item balance
  • Removed ambient_generic playing an unused sound
  • Fixed doors' faces facing geometry not having lighting
  • Removed redundant multi_managers
V 1.1 changes:

  • Raised vines in the jungle area between the treehouse and the turret.
  • Added a door in the turret cave that can be closed for 10~ seconds for turret chaos.
  • Smoothed the corner in jungle next to deathpit for (hopefully) better movement.
  • Removed ambient_generics that were using fluorescent.wav that does not exist in HL1.
  • Removed an unused and empty room.


Commented 5 months ago2023-12-03 10:25:42 UTC Comment #105683
Awesome map. Although you forgot to bundle sound/ambience/fluorescent.wav. Some Half-Life fanatics like me have memorized every single file that comes with the original game but that's quite inefficient. resgen has a command line switch to exclude the default files: RESGen.exe -b rfa/res_valve.rfa. Then the .res file should list only custom files used in the map.
Commented 5 months ago2023-12-03 10:27:31 UTC Comment #105684
Huh, I could have sworn that fluorescent was part of Half-Life... I'll keep this in mind and update sometime in the future. Thanks for this.
Commented 5 months ago2023-12-03 18:04:20 UTC Comment #105685
@Bruce , I don't know how to quote/reply you. But I have made the change and removed the ambient_generics that were using that .wav file.
Commented 5 months ago2023-12-04 15:33:45 UTC Comment #105689
aww, why not include the file instead of removing the ambient_generics?
btw it's from opposing force. i would've just copied it from there to get it working...prior to the update that is.
Commented 5 months ago2023-12-05 08:33:59 UTC Comment #105697
@kimilil I decided it wasn't really worth keeping. The sounds were only in 1 small area and were being drowned by other noises anyway.
Commented 5 months ago2023-12-06 12:12:27 UTC Comment #105703
Looks like you still left one entity with fluorescent.wav. It's not a big deal but consider that my server already has sound/ambience/fluorescent.wav and I don't know if it's the one you intended, but it would get propagated to other players. That's a minor issue but what if someone's server does not have it, and one player has it and another does not, then the one with it will be at a disadvantage having more difficulty hearing someone else's steps. And Half-Life does not complain about missing sounds like it does about missing models or sprites.
Commented 5 months ago2023-12-06 14:50:43 UTC Comment #105704
Aaaa I forgot one entity ;_;
Commented 5 months ago2023-12-12 06:17:27 UTC Comment #105717
Architecture — 10
Texturing — 9
Ambience — 9
Lighting — 8
Gameplay — 9

This map i tryed was well made. It has good and creative level design, with cool lighting! I like It a lot
Commented 4 months ago2024-01-03 15:05:42 UTC Comment #105835
Is it made for the compo? Is it ready to run on my server?
Commented 4 months ago2024-01-04 20:33:50 UTC Comment #105844

It's made for the competition and is ready to run on any server.

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