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A console can mean one of the following:

Enabling and accessing the in-game console

Enabling the in-game console

The game must be run with the -console argument. One way to do it is by appending the argument to a shortcut to the game executable.

In Steam
Steam GoldSource has the console enabled by default.

Accessing the in-game console

Once enabled, press the tilde key [~] located near the top left corner of the keyboard to bring out the console. In WON GoldSrc it is a drop-down panel that covers the top half of the screen. In Steam GoldSrc it is a GUI window.

To enter a or set a cvar, type it while the console in open, and press [Enter].

To dismiss the console, press the tilde key again.
🔨 Troubleshooting
If the tilde key doesn't work, check that:
  1. The game is running with -console argument.
  2. A key is bound to the toggleconsole command. Check the game/mod's config.cfg file for a line that says something like bind "~" "toggleconsole". The middle part is the key bound to toggle the console. If there isn't, add a line containing the command as mentioned.

Types of commands

Game commands in turn has two types:


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