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This is a VERY basic tutorial explaining how to use models, textures etc. from mods like Blue Shift and Opposing Force with the original HL. I know most people already know how to do this, but some people don't so don't go complaining.


First, you will need a PAK explorer like Wally, which is available here. Download Wally, and use it to explore the pak0 file in the valve folder. Export all of the models to the valve directory, they'll automatically go to the models folder.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HIGH DEFINITION PACK USERS: If you wish to stay in high definition mode, make sure you also extract the models from pak1, and overwrite the old files. Now, extract the models from the mod which has the models you want. Extract them to their own area, since some models are slightly different in different mods, eg: Barney is much paler in OpFor and BShift. Done that? Good.

Let's say you wanted the civilian scientist model from BShift in your map. You'd first need to export all of the models from BShift's pak files. Now, select civ_scientist. However, don't copy it yet! Hold down control and select all other civ_scientist models EG: civ_scientist, civ_scientist0, civ_scientist1 etc. Don't bother selecting civ_coat_scientist, civ_paper_scientist or console_civ_scientist, since they are different models. You must select all of the relevant models! If you don't, not only will you be unable to open the model in HL model viewer once you've moved it, but scripts won't work with it either. OK, now you can copy the models. Now, paste them into the valve/models directory and hey presto, you can use the models with monster_generic.

Now let's take it a bit further. Say you wanted Dr. Rosenberg from BShift in your HL map. The model for Dr. R. is just a scientist model with some scripts missing, some added, and no sign of the "Slick" head. This model is called scientist, however (Slick didn't appear in BShift) And you don't want HL crashing when it can't find a script. You also probably want Slick to be the greasy haired guy and not Dr. R. So, copy all of the scientist models from the bshift/models directory to, say, your desktop. Now comes the long, boring part. Rename the scientist model on your desktop to something obvious like "rosenberg". However, you also have to rename the extras, like scientistt and scientist2 to rosenbergt and rosenberg2. Do the same with the rest of them. Now you can move them to your valve/models directory.


This is a LOT easier! Find the texture file you want, say, OPFOR.wad in the gearbox folder and copy it. Now paste into into the valve folder or whatever mod's main file. If it's bshift, move it to the bshift folder in the Blue Shift directory.


You can also import sounds. This is done in the same way as textures, but put 'em in the valve/sound directory. And categorise them even further (EG: ambience) if you want to. Could prove useful if for some reason you can't find a suitable sound.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you are going to submit your map with "foreign" textures and models, include them with your map! There's nothing worse than finding a map has "foreign" models and/or textures and being unable to run it due to the textures and/or models not being included and you not having them.

[Just a quick idea from Andy, if you have a lot of textures from different Mod's, try combining them all into your own .wad file. That way you can add just one file to the textures part of Hammer, and it is easier to add the textures to the .bsp when you compile.] There is no example map included with this tutorial for obvious reasons.

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Commented 6 years ago2018-02-16 23:39:18 UTC Comment #100599
Nice tutorial, but how do i use the models on hammer? Like, i want the barney zombies on my map but when i add the opposing force fgd into my hammer fgd list, hammer just crashes. How do i do this?

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