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Agamemnon Icarus Glass (Compo

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map screenshot

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By Trapt (See more)
7th September, 2004

992.72KB - BSP

Last edited: 29th September, 2004


This is my Glass compo entry. Don't ask me where I got such a strange idea for this...

Anyway, the story goes like this:

You are Gordon Freeman, a scientist on a spacecraft studying life-forms and their adaptions to the environment they live in. All hell has broken loose; a zombie escaped from its enclosure and released all his other fellow zombies, starting a rampage of wild zombies and other monsters roaming around the spacecraft. You must reach safety at the brother spacecraft parked on the planet Agamemnon Icarus Glass, a planet made entirely of glass, which is also inhabited with m


avatar The Mad Carrot says: 7th September 2004, 04:01 AM
avatar Anonymous says: 7th September 2004, 04:47 AM
fun gameplay and nice detil in the ships. funny ending :)
avatar Captain P says: 7th September 2004, 05:02 AM
Too bad I'm at school now but sounds like a lot of fun. You definitely made a lot more of it than I did...

stupid school... :|
avatar Trapt says: 7th September 2004, 06:20 AM
I wouldn't mind some ratings (as in stars, for all you stupid people :D )

And I forgot to mention to have a little look at the only custom texture in the map, which is of course the sign (which is in the screenie). You can't read it in the screenie, so when you're in game, have a look at it. I decided to add a bit of humour in there :D. In case you can't find it, its at the very start of the glass part.

Yeah, so comment and RATE! Although, don't rate without commenting because that would be unfair wouldn't it :D.
avatar SilentGunz says: 7th September 2004, 11:01 AM
Looks cool in the screenies.

Sadly I can't download it... it would probably freeze up while I'm downloading it (I have a crappy dial-up, so anything above 500kb usually freezes up)
avatar hazardous! says: 7th September 2004, 14:29 PM
You've had a quite cool idea, but you didn't use it's potential.
Basically this is nothing more than Serious Sam on a glass planet.
If you make this kind of terrain, you must pay much attention to good clipping. It's annoying to get stuck every 10 meters.
I would have wished for some more interactivity.
The indoor design is much more interesting than the outside.
All in all:
+ Brushwork
- Entitywork
- Clipping
Three stars.
avatar Vassy says: 8th September 2004, 14:26 PM
It's a nice idea, but it doesn't really look like glass. It's OPAQUE. Glass tends to be transparent/translucent. 3 stars.
avatar Coolfat3459 says: 8th September 2004, 18:30 PM
Is the entire ground made of glass?!
avatar Trapt says: 9th September 2004, 04:26 AM
@Vassy: I experimented with it being transparent and it really didn't look right.

@Coolfat: Not the entire ground, but whilst you are in that planet, yes, the whole ground is made of glass.

More Ratings if you can... :D
avatar Captain P says: 10th September 2004, 08:15 AM
Nice idea, but hard to get right in HL.

The planet levels looked, well, bad, and movability often was a real pain. Combat came down to just glocksniping, wich I personally do not find too challenging or entertaining.

The other parts however did look decent, although I feel you had a bit too much polygons for that level of detail. Some things just don't really get noticed (like the cammo netting at first?) so they shouldn't get too much polygons assigned.

Overall, I was not impressed by the maps themselves nor by the whole game experience, but the idea was somewhat funny.
avatar Anonymous says: 10th September 2004, 18:52 PM
i dissagree with cp on the gameplay. i didn't "glock snipe" and had fun "running the gauntlet".
avatar Captain P says: 12th September 2004, 15:41 PM
It doesn't force you to go out and 'run a gauntlet'. I found that approach to be, well, fatal.
The ammount of grunts, their placement, the whole map layout... it didn't gave me an interesting combat.
But it seems that's just me?
avatar Rimrook says: 20th September 2004, 23:18 PM
It was fun, the part at the beginning was difficult, but after that it was just fun dropping people that couldn't see you based on the distance. Yeah, the position of enemies needs work, but the terrain was very detailed and functioned pretty good, besides clipping probs that have been fixed on the DM_TERRAIN map by trapt (which is, BTW, very fun to play HLDM with) 1337 skills with the VM! interesting story, you've intrigued me, but the entity work is probably better then my own skill. That's why I made CS maps :P The glass world is a very nice theme! Run with it and make small arena-like maps to continue your epic!
avatar Seventh-Monkey says: 6th October 2004, 14:16 PM
From my notebook, written during review:

Trapt's Terrain
aiglass_lab.bsp and _planet1.bsp

+ Really superb internal architecture at the start
+ Excellent VMing
- Not utterly glass-ish
- Managed to kill all but two of the end grunts without the fade and without cheating
avatar Sajo says: 8th November 2004, 14:30 PM
Cool!I was gonna rate it with 5.(But disabled).
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