Commented 14 years ago2007-02-13 10:52:25 UTC in vault item: ANNOPUS Comment #14218
To many RPG's but otherwise a fair inclusion to the weekend teamplay match.
Commented 14 years ago2007-02-13 10:45:37 UTC in vault item: Sancefar Comment #14217
Tis a fair score since I am outside the local groupy bunch. Nice inclusion into the teamplay weekend bunch.
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-09 20:38:23 UTC in vault item: SPC_Beta Comment #13956
Some people have been asking how big this map is. I dunno if this helps but:
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-09 10:35:43 UTC in vault item: SPC_Beta Comment #13951
OK, lets see if I can do this any justice. Originally the map was going to be a compilation of Snarkpitters with the theme of "Traps" This map was my brainchild but it soon became apparent that the trap idea was going to have to be sidelined. The traps would have added to the MAX overages beyond any ability to rectify.

Grimlock got the map first, obviously he took the theme to heart but, the idea was for each of us to build ONE AREA. Grimlock did much more. I got the map next and my area was added... (Bare in mind that it was my job to join these areas originally so I was damned sure not making to many areas like Grimlock.) I forget who was next but the only other person to create only one area was Dietz. However Dietz created several nooks and cubbies. Mazemaster volunteered to fix many of the rocks and to put in the null textures and whatnot so he really didn't add rooms. He helped to fine tune the problems this thing had. Alien_Snipers area was more/less only one too.The real champion is Yak_Fighter, he built so many areas its incredible. Last I counted, he made like 6 distinct rooms that joined all the passages that the members left empty to connect the sections and removed all the dead ends.

This map exceeded so many of the limits that we were scrambling to find a cure for them all. The compiles were monstrous too and then HL2 arrived and ruined any chance of this maps future.

We abandoned it. This compile was the last known to exist. It needed one more I think, but theres no way I could remember all the settings I had to use to get the tools to cope.

Lighting was the sole remaining issue but it never got addressed.
Hence, here we are.
I have seen dozens of co-jointly made maps and few approach the seamlessness of flow and looks that this map has. It almost.. Almost looks like one person built it and that is a true badge of honor for so many working independent of one another.

My area was redesigned 1/2 a dozen times, in a vain attempt to reduce the MAX this and MAX thats.. It suffered slightly.

Also, I was one of the least talented among the group so the room would be the least likely to look good.

/story about PitCrew.
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-07 17:12:10 UTC in vault item: dm_hothworld HL BETA Comment #13929
I noticed something, that I forgot to mention at SP.
At least one of the sprites was missing while I was looking around. IS this on my end or yours?

I mean, is there a patch or something I need to rectify this or, did you need to include the sprite?
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-07 15:59:30 UTC in vault item: dm_hothworld HL BETA Comment #13927
Comments posted at SP.
Commented 14 years ago2006-09-02 21:56:19 UTC in vault item: Horror Map Comment #12941
Just in case you get here, before there.
I will score it a 3/5.. I honestly feel its more than a 2 but less than 3 but I always round upward.

Keep'em comin ol'man.
Commented 14 years ago2006-06-08 18:06:50 UTC in vault item: No_Patience Comment #12150
If my hallways look like Capt P's (which I doubt seriously) then he obviously copied mine since they were released years ago.

Besides, I know Cappy, he doesn't copy hallways.

As for the rest of your reply, I'll file it away under "Stupid peoples posts"
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-26 21:20:20 UTC in vault item: dod_town Comment #12025
Good god man, why PNG's. Everyone knows that they artificially inflate images. :(

Thanx anyway. Its my problem, not yours. I did look at the 1st link but they are just to massive to be worth dedicating an hour to.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-23 23:06:59 UTC in vault item: dod_town Comment #11994
Shouldn't tell anyone he is related, unless you aren't worried about being accused of nepotism.

As for the map, I suppose I should break down and buy DOD, I have seen some quality screens for it of late.

You wouldn't have any other screens of this map handy? Preferably, 56k friendly ones. I would like to see more.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-20 07:34:11 UTC in vault item: Vital Signs Comment #11952
Wasn't implying anything. This site has made you paranoid.
No sarcasm or humor intended.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-20 07:24:55 UTC in vault item: Vital Signs Comment #11950
Does when you consider that you need to be a member to submit anything. Doesn't really matter if it makes sense. Now you know where to look and knowing is half the battle.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-20 06:59:45 UTC in vault item: Vital Signs Comment #11948
Everything you need to know about submitting anything is contained within your "CONTROL PANEL"

The site has been fine tuned so much that is appears complicated until you see the simplicity. Everything you have the power to control is in your control panel.

As far as feedback goes, Snarkpit will push you to your limits. If it is within you to succeed, you will. If not...
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-20 06:35:50 UTC in vault item: Vital Signs Comment #11946
You misunderstand. I know that people spam. You need to know that I do not. I don't even rate a map unless I look at it personally. If you fear spamming, take that up with the site admin. If they are worth a shit they'll rectify the situation satisfactorily.

What could you do? I dunno what you did, or didn't do while making this one so how can I possibly answer?

My only bit of advice is get as much feedback as you can stomach. If this site doesn't give you what you need seek it elsewhere too.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-19 20:46:09 UTC in vault item: Vital Signs Comment #11944
Kid, if anything I am brutally honest. If you felt that I would spam you for some reason, well thats something you'll have to get over.

I do not rate people by feelings. I rate them by their achievements.
To be honest, without a 10/10 rating system, its truly difficult to give an honest opinion because it only leaves 3 numbers you can really use.

very few maps are truly 1's, and there can never really be a 5 because that signifies perfectly made so we are left with 2,3 and 4. :(

Anyways, get to know me.. You'll be surprised methinks.

I suspect that you got spammed by your attitude, more than anything else but, I don't care about attitudes.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-16 19:39:34 UTC in vault item: Vital Signs Comment #11911
I know that my inexperience in this site is the issue but I cannot seem to rate this map. I cannot imagine why someone would not want their map rated so it has got to be my own stupidity.

I do not believe in 1's unless the map was total shit. I do not believe in 5's because no one makes maps that good. Tis why I opted to promote a 10/10 rating system it leaves a lot of room between a 9/10 map and a 10/10 one.

Anyways, this is not a 1 map.

I score it a 2.

Commented 14 years ago2006-05-16 19:32:48 UTC in vault item: Vital Signs Comment #11910
I downloaded and looked. I have nothing new to add.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-10 21:50:23 UTC in vault item: de_inca Comment #11759
Just looking at the screen, perhaps you should have waited for more inspiration. Then again, screens are misleading.

Commented 14 years ago2006-05-10 06:27:49 UTC in vault item: Deja_Vu_2 Comment #11753

Commented 14 years ago2006-05-09 08:26:14 UTC in vault item: No_Patience Comment #11738
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-09 06:26:48 UTC in vault item: Double_Trouble Comment #11737
Age guys.. This map was finished years ago.

Thanx for looking.

(about the ladder. I didn't want a tinny metal sound associated with a wooden ladder so I built a series of clip brushes that were 1 unit wide and something or other tall. There are about 15 clips in that set. The walking up the ladder is disconcerting because HL1 is always set to run, so you are basically running up the ladder. You only walked with the default HL1 ladder entity.)
I forgot to ask, no one noticed how well the song fit the theme? It, IMO, set the mood for the map and it enhanced the fragging.

Gave it a Doomish feel.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-09 06:20:27 UTC in vault item: No_Patience Comment #11736
Guys, note the date. It was before your time, and before there were textures like null

Thanx for looking, I only posted these to show people that I can map and forestall any comments concerning my eligibility to comment here.

To those interested, this map made "Level of the Week" at PHL.. Its worthy of notice.