Commented 12 years ago2009-07-29 09:43:01 UTC in vault item: de_snare2 Comment #8430
Hello :D
Thanks for your feedback.
Well, I was adding some props and stuff like that, but I was having problem about a limit whose "name" I don't remember now. But thanks, again :D
I will try to make better smokestacks :D
Peace ;D
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-22 11:41:10 UTC in vault item: cs_sarajevo beta 0.86 Comment #17527
yea, I didn't understand those creatures laying on the floor/ground too...
But the map has a PERFECT architecture, nice sounds (I love that geiger sound near to radiation area :p).
I got kinda jealous of your map, because it's REALLY awesome, and I'd never make textures as perfect as those and make them fit that well in the ambience/environment (I'd probably take longer than you to do that).
Peace :)
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-19 12:05:31 UTC in vault item: Waiting Room Clock Comment #17520
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-19 12:02:26 UTC in vault item: de_snare2 Comment #17519
Oh, man. Thanks!
Your tips/criticisms are excellent for me :)
I'm really glad for it, because with good/constructive criticism (as the one you proved to me) I will only improve my mapping skills :D
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-18 22:46:37 UTC in vault item: Aim_Quick Comment #17515
lol, it will never increase anybody's reflexes :P
what the guys said is right :)
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-18 22:35:49 UTC in vault item: de_dust_DumB_CSS Comment #17513
well, and a CS/CSS de_ map with 3 bombsites must suck, because it it won't have ANY teamwork/gameplay
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-18 20:52:13 UTC in vault item: de_snare2 Comment #17512
thanksss <3
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-18 16:49:56 UTC in vault item: Fy_Vertstadt (Updated - 2) Comment #17510
5/5 ;D
Commented 12 years ago2009-05-18 16:49:33 UTC in vault item: Fy_Vertstadt (Updated - 2) Comment #17509
Ag3nt-XXXXXXX <3 haha :D
Commented 12 years ago2009-01-08 23:42:02 UTC in vault item: Dead Lab Comment #17211
Nice.. I love this map