Commented 2 months ago2024-01-19 01:17:17 UTC in vault item: cross_stalk_tribute Comment #105899
Minor fixes (hopefully the final version), please redownload
Commented 2 months ago2024-01-18 21:03:51 UTC in vault item: Sanitation Comment #105897
Really good map, the only annoying thing is constantly playing alarm which cannot be turned off.
Also, a nitpick - IMHO the flooding rate might have been faster, but did not test it in proper multiplayer yet, so this statement is more of a speculation...

Oh - and one more thing - that wobbly floor which wants to be a spiral staircase :)
Somewhat breaks the immersion a little bit...

Otherwise - really good and authentic.
Commented 2 months ago2024-01-18 11:31:26 UTC in news: Competition - Half-Life 25th Anniversary: Vanilla HLDM Comment #105892
Looking forward to seeing results!
Very curious indeed )
Commented 3 months ago2024-01-13 03:27:26 UTC in vault item: cross_stalk_tribute Comment #105870
Please provide feedback here if something needs to be fixed.
Also, if you're running a server, please add it to a map rotation. This actually 'saves' Stalkyard, as no one is playing it now - and running to a Bunker is always fun
Commented 3 months ago2024-01-05 03:59:30 UTC in vault item: cross_stalk_tribute Comment #105846
Fixed some minor problems, please redownload