Commented 1 year ago2019-11-03 03:17:48 UTC in vault item: Scooby_Rats Comment #102421
Thank you for the kind review
Commented 1 year ago2019-10-27 21:51:57 UTC in vault item: Scooby_Rats Comment #102397
its a deathmatch map doesnt need libgam
Commented 3 years ago2018-10-06 02:40:38 UTC in wiki page: monster_rat Comment #101547
I put a rat in every one of my death match maps - sometimes two looking at each other from far across the map.
Commented 3 years ago2018-08-27 20:47:08 UTC in vault item: moneytrain Comment #101479
here is a video of the map
Commented 3 years ago2018-01-22 19:06:21 UTC in vault item: Skywatch Comment #10660
Nope it's a Half-Life deathmatch map.
Commented 4 years ago2017-07-10 16:11:05 UTC in vault item: Downplay Comment #20450
the pitchblack "rooftrims" are awfull for gameplay.
  • but great for camping!
Commented 4 years ago2017-07-10 01:54:42 UTC in vault item: Downplay Comment #20447
Commented 4 years ago2017-05-19 18:54:22 UTC in vault item: Mario_Mania Comment #20994
Commented 4 years ago2017-03-07 23:12:57 UTC in vault item: doomify Comment #18456
link is full of viruses
Commented 9 years ago2012-10-04 13:31:38 UTC in vault item: Kitkat_Beach2 Comment #20127
Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.
Commented 9 years ago2012-06-06 22:16:39 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Setting up a Mod: Part 2 - Splash Screens Comment #100633
The .bmp needs to be named "splash" too
Commented 11 years ago2010-03-15 14:15:22 UTC in news: Ho Ho Ho Comment #99531
Merry St Patricks Christmas!!
Commented 12 years ago2009-10-19 09:14:53 UTC in news: Results! Comment #99482
thanks man I appreciate it :)
Commented 12 years ago2009-10-18 19:41:42 UTC in news: Results! Comment #99479
Private Message I received from Grim about my submission which would have made it the 9th entry. This is what Grim was talking about when he wrote
"(It's now 9 entries) -- Grim"

You might want to triple triple check, Grim.

From TheGrimReafer
20th July 2009

Get me a link to your entry and we'll take it. I wont hold you accountable for douchy setbacks :/
Commented 12 years ago2009-10-18 12:22:31 UTC in news: Results! Comment #99474
Nine entries but only 8 judged.
Commented 12 years ago2009-10-16 15:10:13 UTC in news: Competition Done! Comment #99440
Commented 12 years ago2009-10-14 09:34:59 UTC in news: Competition Done! Comment #99438
Why don't we just post our entries here so people can see the maps? That way people at least can see the maps we made for the contest
Commented 12 years ago2009-10-05 16:23:09 UTC in news: Competition Done! Comment #99392
I wish they'd hurry up and announce the winners... the sticker that I won for the last "map from layout" contest is starting to curl up on the edges.
I'd like another new shiny sticker to replace my aged one.
Commented 12 years ago2009-09-28 12:13:46 UTC in news: Competition Done! Comment #99371
Spork is the cure for all ailments, good or bad.
Commented 12 years ago2009-09-12 11:38:26 UTC in news: Competition Done! Comment #99345
I was talking about the latest competition maps, not map of the month.
Commented 12 years ago2009-09-11 09:21:46 UTC in news: Competition Done! Comment #99343
Why not let the users decide what map is the winner? Post them all like Saavik suggested and let us vote on them.
Commented 12 years ago2009-08-10 10:29:51 UTC in news: Competition Done! Comment #99318
after a brief stop at Uranus?? err herr herr
Commented 12 years ago2009-07-20 09:38:43 UTC in news: Competition Done! Comment #99299
My map is done, but sitting on my computer at work that doesn't have internet capabilities. It's been done since Friday. Coulda been a 9th entry :(
Commented 13 years ago2008-06-09 20:52:22 UTC in news: Compo Results Delay Comment #98538
thanks for posting a news item about this. i don't think anyone knew what was going on, and was nice of you to make a news post on the front page. thank you.
Commented 13 years ago2008-05-31 11:38:00 UTC in journal: #5109 Comment #54851
whats all that shit on the carpet?
Commented 17 years ago2004-02-19 17:05:01 UTC in vault item: Car Park Comment #1045
cars are fabs
got the idea while in a multi-story parking garage.
Commented 17 years ago2004-01-07 13:51:30 UTC in vault item: Sinister Comment #724
sky it off wadfather