Competition: Half-Life 20th Anniversary: Vanilla Half-Life

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3 months ago2018-08-13 00:00:00 UTC
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12 minutes from now2018-11-19 23:59:59 UTC
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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Half-Life, this competition has a single, simple goal: Make a map set within Black Mesa, using only standard assets. The map should look like it belongs in the Black Mesa complex and could fit into the Half-Life campaign without looking out of place. Xen is allowed too, if you're that way inclined.

Your level can contain gameplay, but doesn't have to. Judging will be based on how well your design matches the original game in addition to the standard measures such as lighting, architecture, ambience and texturing. Size isn't too important, but just making a single small room is probably not going to score too well.

For this competition your entry must consist of BSP files only. That means custom textures (wadincluded) are allowed, but you can't use any other custom content. Remember that the goal is to make something as "vanilla" as possible, so if you do make custom textures, they should fit in with the other textures of the main campaign.

Entries close on the day of the 20th anniversary, November 19th. Good luck!
Post any questions, comments, or screenshots to the official forum thread.


Because TWHL doesn't run ads or ask for donations, our prizes are somewhat modest as they come from our own pockets. I have a rather large list of unredeemed Steam keys that will be used as prizes for this competition.
  • First prize: US$25 Steam gift card, or equal value on an alternative store (must be purchasable from Australia) + choose 2 games from the list
  • Second prize: US$10 Steam gift card (or alternative store) + choose 2 games from the list
  • Third prize: Choose 2 games from the list

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