Instant Mix5 years ago2016-10-03 13:50:26 UTC 9 comments
Nice little life update for Autumn 2016:

1) Finally managed to get into 3rd year of Physics
2) Unfortunately know only 1 person in the entire year, so it'll be like 1st year all over again
3) Have been trained and have DJ'd a couple nights at my Student union, can now ~bend the truth~ that I'm a professional DJ
4) No longer part of any of the musical theatre groups because I don't want to have to repeat another year of university, but still doing publicity work for them
5) Girlfriend split up with me 3/4 of the way through summer, last few months have been some of the worst I've ever experienced. Having a constant feeling of dread / melancholy /emptiness for months at a time is absolutely horrible. Was probably for the better, but I've lost my closest friend.
REBELVODKA5 years ago2016-10-02 09:22:18 UTC 1 comment
This is counter culture, from the underground, eternal evolution this is our sound, KMFDM better than the best!
Tetsu06 years ago2016-09-26 12:13:42 UTC 30 comments
Striker6 years ago2016-09-24 12:45:25 UTC 4 comments
Have you guys ever dreamed within a dream?

It happened to me this past night. I dreamed that I was piloting a helicopter, then I woke up explaining to someone what an odd dream I had, then I woke up.
This is, I believe, the second time that it occurred to me.

Also as a diverse fact, have you tried googling for top american inventors? Yeah, do that :)).
Sajo6 years ago2016-09-20 14:17:03 UTC 9 comments
I have started learning Zbrush and UE4.

Here is a practice render/enviroment art shot. Tell me what you guys think. Also, I would gladly welcome new brushes, inspirational art or tutorials.
User posted image
Note: I am currently at the stage of UV mapping, baking and exporting low poly models to UE4. I will be releasing these assets after I am done, so you can use them in Source or Goldsource or wherever you want (:
Archie6 years ago2016-09-19 14:12:45 UTC 14 comments
Melting point: 1246°C
Boiling point: 2061°C
DiscoStu6 years ago2016-09-19 02:11:40 UTC 19 comments
My fifteen-months old cousin can't yet talk, however he already owns an Android tablet.

Admer4566 years ago2016-08-30 16:51:35 UTC 1 comment
This is my land:
User posted image
My land, "Admer-land". Land of tutorials, maps, and overall modding symphony. Heh, I love dead games, you can practice without anyone noticing. Actually, I've just written a giant, 2000 or 3000-word tutorial.

These pink outlines on the submissions mean that I submitted the submissions.

Now, with that out of the way, let's go to "Teh epik master plan: Part 2.5".

My bank account will be opened somewhere after bayram, a holiday in islam. Yes, I'm muslim, you jealous or something? No no no, pretend you didn't read that, I don't want to attract anybody's attention.

Now, when that happens, I will stop being a pirate, which I've been since 2010.

-Deleted lines of text-

Also, I finally, but finally reached an agreement with my parents. If I pass 9th grade with 11 A's or more, out of 14 subjects total, they will buy me the new parts for my 250$ gaming PC. Then, it's going to be 4 years of high school, and then what?

And the marks are going to be a piece of cake:
This year I had 12 A's and only 2 B's (maths and Bosnian, my native language). I find it weird how I get A's in physics, but B's and C's in maths.
Striker6 years ago2016-08-30 16:48:18 UTC 6 comments
Ghost129er6 years ago2016-08-30 11:08:12 UTC 1 comment
Most of you should know my craze/obsession with my R/C hobby. A recent WIP (just shell/body work)
User posted image
Full album:

Pokes Tetsu0
Invader40006 years ago2016-08-30 06:59:49 UTC 9 comments
Thinking about recreating Unreal Tournament Maps on Hl...
Invader40006 years ago2016-08-29 11:40:38 UTC 7 comments
I recently finished the In the Beginning guide. Now's time to make my own real maps!!1!one!
Shepard62700FR6 years ago2016-08-29 06:04:55 UTC 7 comments
ninja defuse6 years ago2016-08-25 21:32:03 UTC 10 comments
20 years of Valve.......................................
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ChickenFist6 years ago2016-08-23 22:21:07 UTC 2 comments
There's a really annoying bug with monstermakers with Spirit 1.8a1. Spent a long time trying to figure out why monsters often would spawn a random distance away from the position of the monstermaker.

Looked at the code, turns out there's a missing else statement which causes the spawned monster to always inherit the velocity of the activating entity, so if you run into a trigger_once with some speed the monster will come flying out of the monstmaker with the same speed, landing some distance away.
A feature of Spirit 1.8 monstermaker is the velocity of monster keyvalue, so I tried setting it to 0 0 0. Doesn't work anyway: turns out that's another bug: the targetname of an entity to copy the velocity from should be set and not actually a vector as is stated in the fgd.

There's a workaround, if anyone ever has the same problem. In the velocity of monster field, enter the targetname of an entity you know will always be stationary. I used a path_corner.