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Some of you have seen this on Facebook already. Thanks for the messages. :P

I posted some months ago now that my wife and I were working on something. Well, it's officially been released on the 31st of March.

Say hello to the newest member of our family and the youngest member of Scotch and Coffee, Ivory-Rose Morris.
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This could be a super old glitch or something that's been around since opposing force came to steam or whatever. I just found it and it tickled me.

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I'm not a professional voice actor, so I do it in the car on the way to my real job to amuse myself: Look here.
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10,227 days
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My wife and I are making something. It won't be ready for about 7 months though.
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Happy explosion day America. Blow something up for me!
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Game Idea

What with open world survival now being the trend, I came up with an idea this evening while watching a documentary. How about an open world, first person survival game, where you play as a cat.

You have to hunt small creatures such as birds, mice, rats etc for food, while avoiding other larger creatures such as dogs. Hell you could make it a post apocalyptic setting if that's your bag, or maybe set it in the chernobyl exclusion zone meaning you could enter buildings and such to find food as well, while having to avoid heavily irradiated areas.

Take it online and you have the potential of teaming up with or facing off against other cats in order to defend your territory / to have the ability to hunt in the area undisturbed.
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The Alchemist's Wish
“Curses!” the tormented wail echoed through the stoney hallways of the castle. “This one’s come out green! It’s supposed to be blue!” A glass beaker shattered as it struck the cold stone floor, the green fluid within it sizzling as it spread and began dissolving a nearby rug.
The castle alchemist, Ebenezer Brothbrewer was hunched over his work table, wildly flicking through the pages of an enormous recipe book. He had lost track of how long he had been working. It could have been hours, even days, but he would not rest until he had figured out the ingredients for a very special brew he had once created by mistake.
“How hard can it truly be to turn oneself into a dragon?” he said aloud as he stood straight, his bones creaking audibly as he did. He slumped back into his naturally hunched posture and continued turning the pages of his book. “Why did I not write it down?”
He was mostly talking to himself, although some of his muttering caused Woodrow, one of the many cats who called the castle home, to stir in his sleep on top of one of the bookshelves lining the walls. He sat up and yawned, looking down on the frail old man ranting below him with great disinterest. Displeased with having been woken, he slowly moped along the row of shelves before leaping down onto the floor and gleefully trotting out of the room to find a new, quieter spot.
Brothbrewer paced back and forth across the room, scratching his bearded chin, completely oblivious to his previous attempts which littered the room. His most recent attempt was still rapidly dematerialising the large rug in the middle of the floor, while another was slowly climbing one of the walls, attempting to escape through a window. Suddenly, an ingredient he had not yet considered popped into mind. He quickly strode over to his ingredients cabinet and pulled out various vials and jars, checking the label on each.
“Aha!” he laughed “Cinnamon!” he practically skipped back to his bench, confident that this was what he had been missing all this time. He took another beaker, filled it halfway with water, and added the ingredients he had arranged on his table one by one. Then, he opened the jar of cinnamon, tipped some of the powder into his hand, and sprinkled it into the mixture. Satisfied with the amount, he took out his wand and used it to stir the concoction, before taking a step back and watching with high hopes. As the clear liquid began to take on a colour, his eyes almost welled up. It started out incredibly pale, before turning to a bright sky blue, darkening a little, and finally, as though to mock the poor man, rapidly morphed to a deep, dark purple and stopped. Brothbrewer’s eyes were still tearing up, but now they were twitching too, as he felt an intense building up inside him. He shook his head and tiptoed over to the beaker, quickly stirring the mixture again with his wand. Nothing. It remained purple.
He felt something snap. Actually, he felt two things snap. The first was something deep inside his head, his rage at its peak, the second was the wand in his hands. He let out a furious roar and brought both fists down on the work table either side of the beaker, which exploded.
When he opened his eyes, he was lying on his back, looking up at the mossy stone ceiling. He sat upright and rubbed his eyes, and then gazed at the dark purple smoke that was pouring out of the small crater in the table top. Then he noticed a strange light, shining inside the billowing smog. It grew brighter and brighter until suddenly, a small winged creature burst out of the smoke cloud with an audible pop. She was a beautiful, tiny creature, her dark brown hair swaying ever so slightly in the wake of her brilliant bright wings. Her miniature body was slim and without imperfections, covered by a small dress which ended halfway down her thighs.
“You’re a fairy” gasped Brothbrewer, the words sounded mad even to him, his eyes focused on the remains of the beaker “I’ve created a fairy.”
“You have summoned a fairy” the gorgeous being corrected him. “I am to grant you one wish. Then I am free to return to my true home.”
A grin crept across the wizards creased and tired face. He scrambled to get to his feet, then eagerly skipped over to the work bench, his face only an inch or so from the creature’s. Excitedly, he blurted out the first thing that came into his head. “I wish I could remember this blasted dragon potion recipe.”
The fairy almost looked shocked. No wish for great fortune or fame, no wish for eternal life or to be guided to the heavens regardless of sin or religious beliefs. Men often wished for such things without thinking of the consequences and usually paid the price. This one however, was much easier to please. “Very well.” she said and vanished in a bright flash, a single sheet of paper in her place. It fluttered down and landed neatly on the bench top. The wizard hurriedly grabbed the recipe, scanned it with his weary eyes and gathered the ingredients. Adding them one by one to a fresh beaker, he watched the liquid form with wide eyes, finally he had it, as he saw the mixture turn a brilliant blue. He leapt with joy, his cries echoing through the hallways. He calmed himself down, poured the liquid into a vial, and corked it for safekeeping. Then he set it aside and began trying to remember how he summoned the fairy.
It was purple. He knew it had to be purple.
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Started playing the original Fallout 3 alongside New Vegas but decided to record my adventures in DC.

Presenting: Falling Out with Lord Casserole - Wasteland Brit and self proclaimed bastard.
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I'm at work from 9 - 5 today. On Christmas Eve I was dealing with the last couple of clients who hadn't closed on the Friday before, now everyone is closed until the new year, but I still need to be here to make sure their sites stay online...

I'd much rather be lying in my own pooling blood, with a broken leg, clutching for dear life to a rust woodcutter's axe while surrounded by bad guys with rifles on one side and the living dead on the other... or you know, playing DayZ.

The Steam Sale and Community Marketplace is keeping me entertained for now though...
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DayZ is the shit!

Warning: Story
So I decided to treat myself to the alpha of DayZ standalone with my Christmas Bonus and bugger me have the last 2 hours whizzed by.

So I spawned in fairly close to a village with an army camp nearby which was handy. It didn't stop me getting savaged by zombies though so I very rapidly started to lose a lot of blood. However, thanks to the massive amount of changes that have been made to improve the inventory system over the mod, I quickly tore my shirt into rags and patched myself before limping over to the camp.

Found an M4 with a damaged sight and no magazine but managed to find an ACOG scope and a magazine with 28 rounds in shortly afterwards. Next thing I know, a random new player stumbles into the same tent as me. He's got nothing but the clothes he spawned in so I drop a pipe wrench I found which he snatches up and proceeds to follow me. I found a map so plan to head to the nearest city to deal with my blood problem. We enter the airfield area and each of us checks out 2 of the barracks. The next time my buddy appears he's kitted out with tactical gear and a shiny assault rifle. He hands me an extra magazine for my M4 and a spare sidearm he found.

We cross the airstrip to check out a couple more buildings and a control tower when I notice another 2 players in the distance, one kitted out like me and a newbie in casual wear with a shotgun. My friend doesn't spot them and vanishes into the tower. I stand upright, and sling my rifle over my shoulder and open the chat. "Friendly"

No dice. A shot whizzes past my head and cracks into the wall behind me. I bolt behind the tower and kiss the dirt, crawling until I find a breach in the wall which I crawl through. I come out behind the tower, the bad guys now moving up to find me. Got me a good flank here. Then my friend, hearing the commotion pops out of the doorway, running straight into the two players. Everyone pauses, just for a second, then it kicks off. My friend gets pinged in the arm and leg and falls to the floor.

I see my chance and peek around the corner of the tower. I pump 3 rounds into the well equipped guy, one of them smashes into his gasmask and he's gone. The newbie player doesn't let up, firing a shot into the wall near my face. I fire frantically back, not getting a kill but he's bleeding badly. He drops into the grass, out of sight.

Meanwhile, my buddy has crawled through the hole in the wall that I cam through earlier and is drifting in an out of consciousness. I tear up another ruined shirt I found and patch him up, then drop some fruit which he grabs and scarfs down. We get our bearings and search the body of the kitted out dude. Most of his gear was destroyed by my shots but we manage to salvage a helmet, some ammo and a water bottle which we quickly share because we're both totally parched.

We never found the other player but I'm fairly confident he must have crawled away to bleed out somewhere. He could have used his clothing for rags to patch himself up but without his friend to back him up he never bothered to engage us again. We did a quick sweep of the area and found a discarded empty shotgun. Whether it was his or not we don't know.

We started heading toward the city before he lost his connection and I logged out to post this. Never even knew the guys name. :(

tl:dr cool stuff happened in my first DayZ game.

Sidenote: Archie, get DayZ you fanny.

Any of you guys have it let me know too. More team mates is good. :P

Bottomnote: Dehydration is fun. Not long after spawning I found myself lying in a pond just lapping that shit up with my face.
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How is it that an international corporation can charge you to high heaven to use their operating system, when it can just stop working?

I'm totally serious, I made NO changes to my system, I've been using the same AV software since I got this PC, the last time I used it I played some BF4, posted a couple of things on TWHL / Moddb and went to bed.

This evening, I get home from work, turn on my PC and find that it just wont do anything. No net connection, no security, can't even open the task manager sometimes. Spent the last hour looking for a solution on my tablet which came down to me editing my damn registry to fix something that just apparently broke because of reasons!
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Merry 27th Urby Day everyone.
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I'm forever coming up with stories / concepts at the moment, for potential games or mods, but I don't have the time or know-how to action them. So... I figured I'd post them here so you guys can throw in your ideas and then maybe look into them in the future if I come up with a winner. :D

Random Source Mod idea #1

Multiplayer Mod - 2 teams compete throughout a large map to control a number of territories. The score for the team with the most territories under their control gradually increases and they win when the points reach a pre-determined amount (server settings)

Certain territories also grant access weapons or player buffs.

The maps also contain NPC spawners, throwing monsters and other enemies into the fray which can help or hinder your progress. For example, a player could lead a load of small enemy npcs into enemy territory while the rest of their team pushes a different area.

Players would likely be class based, such as your regular grunts with assault weapons, snipers, engineers to build defenses to prevent points being captured so easily, saboteurs to remove said defenses more efficiently and so on.
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Hey guys. I don't usually peddle things on other sites, except the Core, but this NEEDS to happen.