BJ14 years ago2006-12-24 12:24:54 UTC 0 comments
Hello BJ! This is your 1111th login.

Binary for 15th.
BJ14 years ago2006-12-21 13:57:11 UTC 0 comments
I uploaded a set of example maps to the example map vault demonstrating HL trigger_changelevel and info_landmark entities.

Also uploaded an example map for a dropship moving in, dropping a soldier and flying off; uploaded an example map for demonstrating aggressive behavior for an apache that seems to continually seek a better firing angle on the player as the player moves down a hallway.
BJ14 years ago2006-12-16 10:32:37 UTC 0 comments
Uploaded an HL2 example map for constructing a combine gate, the blue shield gate used in Nova Prospekt and elsewhere.
BJ14 years ago2006-12-11 11:00:03 UTC 0 comments
Uploaded an HL2 example map for adding an assault sequence to a map.
BJ15 years ago2006-07-02 20:07:09 UTC 0 comments
Hello BJ! This is your 1000th login. Teh Master!
BJ15 years ago2006-05-21 08:52:36 UTC 0 comments
Uploaded an example map for simulating cable shaking in response to a nearby grenade explosion.
BJ15 years ago2006-05-20 07:29:51 UTC 0 comments
Uploaded a counter-weighted door example map using various entities to simulate a counter-weight pulling a door up.
BJ15 years ago2006-05-17 09:49:12 UTC 0 comments
Uploaded an item_dynamic_resupply example map.
BJ15 years ago2006-05-13 08:37:29 UTC 0 comments
Uploaded a func_useableladder example map with in-game tutorial comprised of point_messages.
BJ15 years ago2006-05-07 15:25:55 UTC 0 comments
Hello BJ! This is your 800th login.
BJ15 years ago2006-04-20 07:51:13 UTC 0 comments
Just finished programming job (well, I wasn't paid, so "job??") for which I had to buy MS Visual Studio. That was a chunk of change. Prefer Borland but has become too difficult to integrate with MS stuff (directx, etc.).

Getting back in a small way to HL, mostly continuing my first-ever HL map. Working on level 3 at present.

Just noticed I'm coming up on two years hanging around TWHL. wow.
BJ15 years ago2005-11-07 12:47:46 UTC 0 comments
"This is your 700th login."
BJ15 years ago2005-10-30 15:30:43 UTC 0 comments
"This is your 666th login. Diabolical."
BJ15 years ago2005-09-22 18:12:25 UTC 0 comments
600th login. I gotta get a life.

Uploaded to my site a tutorial to followup the character model tut: adding eyes to the model.
BJ16 years ago2005-09-17 21:58:25 UTC 0 comments
Finished a tutorial for a very basic character model and uploaded it to my site. Figured out how to create wrapped head textures. Not a lot of fun.

Next is to figure out eyeballs, eyelids and mouth animation.

Then, perhaps, creating model meshes from scratch and enveloping them to ValveBiped. A new digital camera will help with the textures.