Sajo4 years ago2016-09-20 14:17:03 UTC 9 comments
I have started learning Zbrush and UE4.

Here is a practice render/enviroment art shot. Tell me what you guys think. Also, I would gladly welcome new brushes, inspirational art or tutorials.
User posted image
Note: I am currently at the stage of UV mapping, baking and exporting low poly models to UE4. I will be releasing these assets after I am done, so you can use them in Source or Goldsource or wherever you want (:
Sajo7 years ago2013-08-21 14:55:32 UTC 5 comments
It has been 4 years since I last upgraded my computer, and now it is not efficient enough to work with programs such as Maya and Max anymore.

I have been using a "ASUS P5Q SE" motherboard with "Intel Core Quad CPU @2.83GHz " and also with a 3326MB of RAM. Yes, they are quite old, they still work perfectly, just not very efficient.

I recently won a "Asus Geforce GTX 650Ti" from a video game competition. So I decided to go for a complete new PC. However, I'm not sure where to start and I'm not familiar with new type of motherboards and CPUs. What type of motherboard and CPU would you suggest to go with the new GPU? Or how powerful hardware are you using for your CPU-heavy software?
Sajo8 years ago2013-05-15 00:24:26 UTC 13 comments
Hey there;
I'm still practicing Source mapping and modeling.
Here are several WIP screenshots from my not so very secret Source mod/game;
They are a bit dull at the moment, more debris/pipes/vents/wires etc. to come, but do tell me what you think anyway (:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Sajo8 years ago2013-01-27 06:09:05 UTC 6 comments
Hello everyone, I have been busy trying to learn Maya lately. I tried to animate a humonoid but.. I failed miserably. Since I failed, and I had to submit the project in a few days later. I decided to use Motion Capture instead.

Check it out from here. And tell me what you think..

In other news, I'm also trying to learn about the updated Source Engine. And I believe, I made good progress with it. Made my own textures, models and etc. While learning, I'm also turning everything into an experimental adventure game (or a mod), only using the Source SDK Base 2007.

A few screenshots for those who are interested;

Note: They are just prototype shots, to see and test if I am able to make the rest of the game. So in short, they are all WIP.
Sajo8 years ago2012-08-13 10:52:32 UTC 12 comments
Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if it was worthy enough to be a journal entry or not but I'll make it brief anyway.

I do not know how long it has been, but I'm back. And hopefully, not empty handed too. But I see that most of the well-known members are still active as ever, and TWHL doesn't seem very different too. Anyway, it is good to be back.

I am currently working on a new (imo) project which may interest Source gamers/mappers, I'll be posting the first WIP shots in a few months.

And also, check this out. It made my day, hopefully it will do the same to you.
Sajo11 years ago2010-02-05 11:45:03 UTC 8 comments
More Necromancy!

Hello everyone, I owe an explanation to everyone who was watching "Xen Assault" so far.

It indeed took longer than expected but it was because mostly of the real-life calls. Which I wont be bothering you with those details, as we all know it sometimes gets difficult.

Also I want people who have been distributing the old demo, to stop. Yes, it was a public release. But I though, I gave up on the mod at that time. It's actually not dead at all, but probably more like in a zombie state.. With a little polishing, it can provide more fun then the demo itself. So please stop distributing it.

I think the demo covered the first 4 chapters. There is actually 4 more. But I might not be including one of the chapters to finish the mod quickly instead. And I'm nearly done with the fifth chapter. So it leaves 2 more (10-11 maps) that needs to be mapped.

Some new screenshots;
Click on the images

User posted image

User posted image

I also started to improve some of the maps visually, the mod is very very old.. if anybody recalls when I started mapping, I didnt have the skills to back it up much. So the first several maps in the mod visiually sucks ass. Now they look nicer. Most of the people's complaint about the mod was how hard the gameplay was. Now the "Easy" mod, is very easy. "Normal" mod is a bit challenging followed by a smooth similar gameplay to Half-Life's normal difficulty and well... "Hard" mod may drive people crazy. But hey, nobody is pushing you to play "Hard" right?

Some old-new improvement screenshots;
User posted image

User posted image

So shortly, XA is on the table and wont be getting down there until its done.
Sajo12 years ago2009-05-18 06:51:39 UTC 4 comments
Some Necromancy?

I guess, It's time to revive this mod. I finished 5 more levels/maps. I only took 3 screenshots though. Well, here they are. Tell me what you think.

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image
Sajo12 years ago2009-01-20 12:22:01 UTC 1 comment
Well because of me being careless "Xen Assault Demo" has been deleted from filefront's server. And all my work was in there...after I reinstalled Windows I just realised that I didn't have any backups of the newest Xen Assault files I made (reskinned models, maps etc).

So if anyone still has the .zip or .rar file and can re-upload it somewhere on the net. And hopefully send the link, I would really appreciate it.

p.s: I also tried to "bump" the thread but it seems, i cant bump threads older than 3 months.
Sajo12 years ago2008-12-12 09:03:41 UTC 3 comments
A nice AG community wanted me to make a map for them. So started making a AG-CTF map. They also mentioned that it should look like a Quake 3 arena map. Well I can't really use Half-Life textures for a Quake map, it will look unrealistic. So I took couple of textures from NS for the project. Take a look and tell me what you think. The 3rd screenshot is the last version, still not finished ofc. The map will consist of 3 floating bases in space. Red = hot, lava, fire etc
Blue = Freezing, ice, cold etc and the middle (battlefield) Orange = Electricity, energy.

Screenshot3-Final version (still WIP)
Sajo12 years ago2008-12-05 12:33:49 UTC 2 comments
Dear Techno, Trance, D&B, Industrial, Psychedelic and "other" music listeners.

What are the differences that seperates Electronic from Electronica?