Taylor10 years ago2012-03-15 12:35:58 UTC 4 comments
Happy owner of a Gainward GT 440 1GB videocard, just in time for my low-mid range quad-yearly GPU swap.

It's funny how 5 years ago the roughly same, then-high-end X1900 XT needed an extra power cable, while producing the electricity bill of a washing machine and vacuum cleaner altogether - and that card seems like yesterday. I must be getting old.
Taylor10 years ago2012-03-10 16:44:21 UTC 4 comments
I just hope this doesn't go down the shitter halfway through. Loved the original Outcast, and this looks uncomfortably sexy.
Taylor12 years ago2010-07-03 11:39:26 UTC 3 comments
Just bought Saints Row 2 and Audiosurf (finally). Epic deals on Steam nowadays.
Taylor12 years ago2010-04-07 10:15:52 UTC 4 comments

We finally managed to arrange a few days of epic drinkage with Daub in Scotland!

  • Dundee
  • Glasgow (just kinda passed through though)
  • Glenturret Distillery (just outside Crieff)
  • Stonehaven and the castle just a few miles from there, the Dunottar Castle
  • Drinking, sightseeing, drinking, cocking around, drinking...and yeah, that's pretty much it :D
God, this was awesome.
Taylor12 years ago2010-04-05 10:53:17 UTC 15 comments
Name change, woo!

Previously Masta Killa, now Taylor - the direct translation of my last name. Gotten really creative with that one.
Taylor13 years ago2009-08-06 07:03:45 UTC 10 comments
Lots of beer:
User posted image
An over-sized inflatable woman for one of our mates as birthday present:
User posted image
Lots of water to dive in:
User posted image
...oh yeah, and Guitar Hero:
User posted image
Epic holidays at Lake Balaton. :>
Taylor13 years ago2009-06-02 08:11:30 UTC 3 comments
Just arrived from an epic, 4-day festival.


Irish pub metal + large amounts of beer = win.
Taylor13 years ago2009-04-15 18:23:36 UTC 3 comments
I've just played through John Romero's Daikatana. If you don't know about this game, which is one of the most massively over-hyped titles in gaming history, read the Wiki on it (

I've gotta say, this game could have been really good. After like the third patch, the sidekicks are not as useless, as they were in v 1.0, and some maps are quite impressive. Too bad that the game as a whole is inconsistent - just when you're starting to have fun, it kicks you in the balls with some terrible design and gameplay decisions.

And why did I bother playing through this shit?

1.: Probably because I wanted to share the frustration of players , who - at the time, when this game finally came out after 3 years - felt bad about waiting for a game, that turned out to be such a mess in the end.

and 2.: Because I love ROFLing at a game this bad.

Overall: A game that had potential, but was brutally fucked up in the end.
Taylor14 years ago2008-11-01 07:10:01 UTC 12 comments
Hurray, I'm 21 today. And will spend my whole day learning, no booze in sight.:(

Actually, I'll probably catch up on that tomorrow, but still don't wanna learn that bullshit I'm supposed to :/
Taylor14 years ago2008-10-04 08:13:27 UTC 12 comments
Serial Experiments Lain episode 13. The last episode in the series, that I've just watched, now I feel all "WUT?"

Got to see this anime again.
Taylor14 years ago2008-08-30 19:38:06 UTC 5 comments

The nightmares with the Valkyrs look like something you would see in Doom 3, and Jim Bravura is played by Ludacris (wtf.)...but I really hope they don't fuck this one entirely up. It seems to follow the storyline of the game much more, than any other video game adaptation to date, and I'll definatly go see it.

Please Fox, make it worth all that money.
Taylor14 years ago2008-08-29 08:35:45 UTC 3 comments
I've just watched Nirvana, an italian cyberpunk movie, released in 1997. Although it's fairly low-budget, and stars Cristopher Lambert - who I don't really like, and his performance pretty much sucked as well - the camerawork and the whole atmosphere is brilliant, the storyline is superb (almost as complex as The Matrix), and it managed to get me thinking about how we choose to solve our problems and how we deal with death or the death of our beloved ones.

Okay, now without going any more mental, this movie can kick the ass of any recent shiny CG-enhanced Hollywood sci-fi/cyberpunk bullshit, so if you can, and if you like this genre, check it out.

I'm happy I spent that approximately 2 bucks on it.
Taylor14 years ago2008-08-08 18:01:10 UTC 1 comment
I've just tried something I was thinking about for a long time now. I don't know, maybe this trick is well-known for most of you, but I personally haven't seen it used in any map. So whatever, here's a pic of the whole deal:

User posted image

Faked bumpmapping in Goldsource with additive render mode. I think it looks neat, I'll try it in my upcoming map(s), if I'll have the nerve to actually finish a map :P
Taylor14 years ago2008-08-01 11:33:44 UTC 12 comments
This day sucks. Hard.
Taylor14 years ago2008-01-19 09:04:31 UTC 0 comments
My fan art was shown in the latest Angry Video Game Nerd video! Woot! (Along with the other 20 billion fan pics, but whatever, it's still awesome :glad: )