Blitzkrieg7 years ago2012-06-30 20:41:21 UTC 16 comments
I got a pet! A parakeet. They are awesome! They are super social and highly intelligent, can learn to talk and sing with you, and aren't meant to be caged for long periods of time. Soon this little dude will be chillin' on my shoulder watching me game. Only problem is that I haven't named him yet!

Gender is unsure, since it's nearly impossible to tell in birds, particularly when they're as young as this guy. So, gender neutral names would be best but male or female names are fine too!

He is white, with a baby blue belly and tail and little spots of black. Let's decide an appropriately geeky name for him!

Nothing too silly, because they've got lifespans of 10-15 years, I don't want a joke name that will get old fast.

TWHL brainstorming session GO!
Blitzkrieg12 years ago2007-09-05 05:37:51 UTC 2 comments
Hello [GtB]Blitzkrieg! This is your 500th login. Awesome. :biggrin:

Maybe I should celebrate by, I dunno, submitting a freakin map or something?!?!

As soon as I'm done with my first Source map I'll submit it. It's a remake of my first actual CS map. I figured it would be fitting, and my clan would like to see it.
Blitzkrieg13 years ago2006-08-20 09:31:23 UTC 0 comments
Hello [GtB]Blitzkrieg! This is your 117th login.

lol Halo
Blitzkrieg13 years ago2006-08-13 19:11:50 UTC 2 comments
Hello [GtB]Blitzkrieg! This is your 100th login. Nice!

lolz sweet.