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I've finaly been getting sort of bored of CSS, but yes today and yesturday I have been doing FF related things. I fixed some things in level 6, but most of all I have been working on the FF models, some will be changed while others will remain normal. Probably the most funny thing I did though was completly change what noises some aliens make, such as rather then a Houndeye make sonic boom noises, it makes a button noise, this will happen to every alien, but humans remain the same.

Below is just a picture of some things i've done so far regarding models, such as for the rocket launcher, when you shoot, it fires a crossbow. The battery was replaced with a grenade, other weapons and such will be replaced to confuse the player. The right top and bottem left pic show the grunt in his size compared to the scientist and bullchicken, and you might notice the bullchicken is super fat.
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3:43Am Tempature 60F Alicia Keys - Fallin (such a great voice)
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Okay, my craveing for CSS has sort of gotten out of hand, I think tommorow ill be ready for doing things to the FF models and mapping too. Im gonna put my Advanced Door off until TWHL 3 is up and running with everything working, that way I wont repost it when the website is done.

Somthing I need done in FF is the weapons, I tried useing a C++ thing and I was totaly lost in what is what, so if sombody has the time, could they help me out with the Dll's for FF.

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Well I've sort of got attatched to CSS as my, "Free Time Game". That doesnt mean I wont be mapping, yes maby less work will be done, but I still will be makeing each 3 things. My advanced door has turned out to be my 2nd best looking map since I want the door to have a interesting area.

FF might be put off for some time until im sure my funny ideas come back, but still if people want to help with anything in it, it would be greatly apriciated. Also on the strang side is my Puzzle map, no real name for it yet, but ill figure out one. Only room 1 is done, very small nothing worth falling out of the chair for, but room 2 might need to be room 8 because of how challenging it is so far.

CSS has made me want to make (IF) Independent Force, if I do then lots of things will have to be managed on which day I do them, I really want to continue mapping for it, its just I feel FF should be done first. From looking at whats so far of HL: OIFH, I noticed the rooms have great detail, this tells me each room should have as much detail to get the players attention, so thats what I need to do, im maby 64% on detail, so I should try 105% instead.

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Just got Counter Strike Source and Day Of Defeat Source, so fucking glad I have more things to do now.
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Since overtime of makeing FF, I have been wanting to map for Independent Force, im able to resist, but since I dont feel like mapping for FF right now, I decided to try and make an advanced door, I know the compition has been over for awhile, but I thought I would give it a shot in makeing a advanced door.

Update1: So far my advanced door has a much better looking area then itself, im glad that FF has made me want to map somthing serious, this will show more of my mapping skills, and so far its probably my 2nd best made level for HL, besides the fact that the level is really small.

Update2: Now the level looks more like a Independent Force map besides an advanced door map, but ah well, this might go into IF, not sure yet, but ill post the Bsp when I finish this.

I said this also in the previous journal, but if anyone wants to be a part in FF, if they want, I could take a HL or Op4 map, fix it up and give it to them to turn it into somthing random.

Update3: I am now working on 3 differnt projects, 1. Half-Life Funny Force, 2.A puzzle map, which ill explain more, 3.An advanced door.
Now about that puzzle map, since I like a good puzzle or challange I thought I would make some, below shows the main room, thats the only thing finished so far, but unlike some puzzle maps, this one has a Healthkit and Battery spawner to make sure you will stay alive.
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4:15Am Tempature 74F Scorpions - Edge Of Time
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Got level 7 in FF now, its done by Kc8Kjp, level 6 has more added to it and so does level 8, and Nine Thrine is going to be the one finishing up the rest of level 6. Some more random ideas for FF have come back to me from FF1, so old ideas will begin to be in the game, possibly ill remake the levels from the old FF.

If anyone else would like to work on a map for FF, just let me know, and ill pick a HL or Op4 map, fix the whole thing up, and give it to you to remake in whatever odd way you want.

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Onto level 9 of FF, still havent done level 6, but if anyone wants to do level 6, its already all made, its just needs funny things in it, but if nobody wants to I can still finish the map. Level 8 of FF is basicly half funny, half action, your middle boss is a box, dont judge the box by its name... a... er... box. Level 9 of FF is Josho190's Gordans Secrets, but this map will be majorly changed, already half way done with fixing it up, after that the odd things will roll in.

I think from now on, if I post a journal before I goto bed, in it ill include the time it is, tempature, and current song on, idk why.

3:16AM Tempature 61F Freestyle Project - Freaktonight
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Its seems playing HL2DM has payed off, I got some great ideas for FF, sorry I wont tell what they are, just need to open up VHE and let the ideas roll in.

Since I tried to fit in with things of the fourms, im just gonna say screw useing them ever again since Im nothing like the TWHL members, Im just going to stick to mapping for FF.
Carpocolypse30017 years ago2007-07-09 11:50:53 UTC 6 comments
Just finished the Middle Boss Scene for Half-Life Funny Force, its odd that your fighting a helicopter box, but I thought it was awsome as it has differnt breakable parts on it and when its destroyed it has one hell of an explosion. K, here is 4 pics of part of Wood Hazard.
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Now Im sort of attached to the fourms, never was origanly, but anyways, onto the news.
FF was put on a hold because I was away for 6 days, back now and came up with 2 things.

1.After FF or between its creation, im going to make a puzzle hazard course since I love puzzle maps.

2.I came up with a level name for the chapter Oddesy, the level is going to be called Wood Hazard, dont know how im going to make a shit load of breakable wood but still keep the player laughing, but ill find a way.

Started working on Wood Hazard, so far its just empty rooms, they look better then my map I had called 20, even though this map got 1 hour and that got 20 minutes, its still looking really good, hopefully I keep makeing It look good. For some reason I feel like mapping for my mod Half-Life Independent Force, I think its cause of how good Wood Hazard is looking.
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Finished level 5, The Puzzle, I added some more things to it to make it more funny since origanly I only found one thing in the level to be funny, but thiers a secret I added for level 5.
Level 6 is going to be the starting of a chapter called Oddesy, this will go from levels 6-12. The first level takes place in an Opposing Force level, its the level where you would first encounter the Pitdrone. The level was changed around quiet some, and some parts where taken out because of R_Speeds, but overall you can still tell it from the real level. The picture below is showing the lighting for the first room becuase so far i've only started on room 1, but the others will also get an intresting source of lighting.
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I'll be gone for 2 days, forced to go see my grandmas, I would rather after I finish my mod so I would not have work to do. :x
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I finished level 5, The Puzzle, but I wasnt to happy about because most of those days I was bored and had no ideas, but thier is one good part in it that involves jamming a fan. I am now onto the 3 level chapter called Oddesy, goes from levels 6-9, but it starts out in a level for Opposing Force, the level after level 6 will be a very odd and funny level by Kc8kjp, but I might extend the amount of levels for the chapter Oddesy. Other then that, soon I will be working on the sounds in changing some, but i've done the AGrunt and Gargantua models, so im sort of switching from subject to subject. "it helps to have a running start" :cyclops:
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time to get back to mapping... after I try the TWHL server. :cyclops:
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Im at level 5 for FF, and Kc8Kjp helped me with somthing that will involve boxs in the game. Level 5 for FF will be named The Puzzle, the bottem picture has 4 pictures of part 2 of The Puzzle. :biggrin:
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Finaly im back from my... vacation, but over the week some stuff has still gone on, such as I have 2 more members to include in the FF credits, Alex 911, and Kurosaki Ichigo. Alex 911 will be in the credits because im useing his map Alien Torture Chamber, but I made some changes to it, his map will be in level 4 The Mystery Hallways. Kurosaki Ichigo is helping me out alot, because he asked if he could help with FF, and I decided to have him make a Hazard Course for me since I am trying to work on the story line levels, but heck, what storyline does a Funny game have. :cyclops:

Also, since im trying to rush my mod FF but have about 20 levels, I thought I would make some other things, such as prefabs of my own, so If im not working on FF, then im makeing my prefabs.

Almost forgot, Nine Thrine will also be in the credits because of an idea that will be near the end of FF, this idea involves Dave932932, but I dont want to spoil what it is about.

Thiers another thing I require for FF, a Castle, since FF is supposed to be randomly funny, this would make it even better, because FF still takes place in Black Mesa, it just has the levels looking odd at times and strang things happening, so if sombody has a Castle they could make for me, please let me know.