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Things which have happened since I last posted.
Finished my 3 year Music Tech college course.
Learned to model.
Got better at playing the drums.
Learned to drive.
Started working freelance creating 3D models.
Started University (now on my second year)
Got drunk.
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Back to normal, 2 brand new 22.5" monitors, good thing I'm rich.
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I'm a little pissed at ATI, I bought their new Radeon 6870 the other day to move away from Nvidia and upgrade from my 8800 (had to cook it once a month)

The 6870 doesn't detect my second monitor, at all. This is annoying. I spent literally a full day wondering why, both my monitors are exactly the same and have the same adaptors (VGA to DVI) yet only the top port on the card works.

Anyway! After countless hours of googling and stuff, I managed to find out that one port on the card is a DVI-I and the other is a DVI-D, the DVI-D doesn't support VGA. What.

Why the fuck would you do that. Now I have to sell one of my perfectly working monitors and replace it for another which is DVI. The thing which is worrying me though is that I was using a DVI adapter and it still wasn't detecting it, so I might waste my money buying a new monitor, and I can't find the receipt for the card...

So I'm back to using 1 monitor until christmas, or if that fucks up, forever probably.
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Hey guys, just dropping by to kindly ask you all if you could spare a few minutes to sign up to and rate my map.

It's hard nowadays to get even a small amount of attention to a map, so I'd really appreciate it if you could!

Here's a link to the map -

If you scroll to the bottom you can see what others think.

Thanks! <3
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It's been too long, but Wetwork is finally released.
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During Monday whilst in college, one of my tutors started a discussion with the class about all the possibilities there are in the music industry, me being the only drummer in the class he used me as an example and said that I could be a drum technician for a band, which is basically the drummers assistant, setting up his kit, making sure nothing goes wrong, moving it to different venues ect.

Now, I'm not a negative person, I'm actually rather positive! But I know that it won't be easy to get into at all, drummers will be looking for someone with experience, I'm not saying that I don't have any... I've been playing drums since the age of 10 and can maintain them very well, aswell as set mic's up and all that jazz, but I just don't see it possible to get in touch with a band and the next minute you're drum teching for them.

That was our disagreement, I believed he was making it sound too easy and effortless, so he asked me for my current favourite band, to which I replied Architects, and I gave him the bands email.

I said that if he could get me, an 18 year old Welsh guy from the valley's of North Wales to drum tech for a band almost effortlessly, I'd eat my shoe infront of the class.

But you see, this is what is worrying me now, my tutor can 'talk the talk' you could say, he sounds professional when he writes letters and stuff, so what if he gets carried away and says a load of shit about me, which actually impresses the drummer and he hires me. I won't be what he expects, especially since I have no "real" drum tech experience so It'll be humiliating as hell. But so is eating a shoe infront of a class.

But I'm keeping positive about it (told you!) my tutor would have either have forgotten to send the email (conviently) or got a response which was a flat-out no. I like to think of it as a win-win situation for me.

Would be cool if I drum tech'd for Architects though, Dan inspires me a lot, I'd get to see him play live almost everyday.
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I went to see 'Architects' last Thursday (for the third time) it was nothing short of amazing, by far the best show they have put on so far!

I was speaking to the bassist (Ali Dino) about a week before the show, he's kind enough to talk to fans over MSN. Long story short, I found out his favourite sauce was Nando's Medium BBQ so I bought some and took it with me to the show, had to sneak it past security too!

He was standing at the merch desk and about 50 people were trying to talk to him, I made my way to the front, caught his attention and held out the bottle. I've never seen someones face light up like his before, he literally dropped what he was doing, gave me the biggest hi-five known to man and then spoke to me for a good 10-15 mins and got a picture with me.

Meanwhile, roughly 50 other people were staring at me wondering what was so special about me, haha.

After the show I wandered around the back of the building to check out the tour busses since I was being picked up in a while, I look to my right and Dan Searle is rolling his drum mat up, (drummer of Architects, I'm a huge fan of his since I play drums myself) So I got a picture with him and had a good conversation for about 10 minutes, I couldn't believe my luck.

It's amazing when a band is getting pretty big but still have all the time in the world to talk to fans, they were all lovely people. After this show and the previous 2, I've now met them all!

To round the night off I got my ticket signed by Sam (Vocalist) and they played a song from their latest album for the first time on the tour 'Hollow Crown'.

Seeing them again in October!

Here's the song they played, kicks in at 2:25 -
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My band Broken Silence went into the studio yesterday for the first time to record a song, was sort of like a test run to see how things work out.

Once a few minor problems were sorted out with the mixing desk, tracking began! It really shows you how important it is to practice to a metronome, because it isn't easy!

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed it, it was a slow start but towards the end of the day we were getting some really nice stuff done, totally impressed with how it came out considering it's our first song, all I have to do now is mix it so it sounds somewhat professional!

Myspace with the song will go up in a few days, I want to get the final mix done for the song so we have something to put on it.

I hope this band goes far, we all loved it!
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It's started snowing again, which is annoying because the UK is absolutely pathetic when it snows, everyone and everything just stops working!

Alot of people avoid driving in the snow because they get too scared, I rather see this as an oppertunity to get some experiance while having less control as usual, it's not as bad as people think.

Also, that nightclub I went to last night, I forgot to tell you guys that one of my friends didn't get in because he had no I.D now, this guy is taller than me, he has a buigger build than me and pretty much a full beard happening, he goes up to the door and gets refused entry, I walk up to the door after him and the bouncer (massive guy with a tattoo on his FACE) just looks at me, I'm smaller, less of a build and have next to NO facial hair than my friend.

I hand over my I.D, the bouncer gives me a smile and says Happy Birthday to me, and right on in I go.

So yeah, past few days have been funny!

Oh, I also have a favour to ask of you guys, I've been using Lockerz for a while now and gathered up a fair amount of points, but If I invite 20 friends to the website I got double points, which means I could get some pretty awesome prizes, if you are not already signed up and want to be, would you mind leaving your email in the reply? You only need to fill in the info once and never go back if you so wish, but it will help me out greatly! - that's the website, let me know if you want an invite.

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Dear TWHL,

I turned 18 on the 25th, and I also bought a new car.

That is all, thanks.
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Merry Christmas everyone!
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So at first when playing MW2 online I was raging, being spawn killed constantly, people always shooting me in my back and random-ass missiles and boxes coming from the sky made me want to power roundhouse my TV out of my window and off into the sky Team Rocket style.

But now that I've got my head around it all, It's slowly growing on me, minus a few occasions where I've bit my pad, threw it on the floor and literally screamed 'Fuck' at maximum vocal capabillities numerous times.

Apart from all that rage, I've ordered Assassins Creed 2, so that should be here in the next few days, woop! ANNNNNNND something I've been working on for far too long is almost finished, and by almost I mean last minute tweaks and figuring out the VPK stuff.

All I'm gunna say is that there are no rescue boats on this ship, so It looks like you've got some amount of work to do whilst being pretty wet.

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Borderlands is awesome, I just hit the cap of 50 earlier today.

Still need to buy Modern Warefare 2 though, I can't decide what to get it on... PC or Xbox? Because it's blatenly obvious that IW isn't going to do much for supporting the PC version, one mutter of the word "Xbox" and the whole company gets hard.

Still not motivated to buy L4D2 either! I probably will but just... Meh, it's the same for Modern Warefare 2 aswell, It's obviously an awesome game, but I'll just buy it when I get around to it.

In other news...


What are we all getting? I bought myself a Tama Superstar Hyperdrive because I've been a good boy ( I'm saving my birthday money (1 month after christmas) so I can buy some bitching double bass pedals called Iron Cobra's. (

Apart from that, a new season of Top Gear starts this Sunday! Along with I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, which I watch to enjoy them suffering.

That's all fo' now homies.
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Thanks to a fellow mod member, It's now 02:50am and I've just finished downloading Dead Space, Mercenaries 2 and Mirrors Edge are being downloaded as I type this. The best part? All completely free!

That's right folks, EA fucked up.

If you live in the UK, add said three games to your basket and start downloading before EA realise what they've done. But as I said it's nearly 3am right now, so by the time you all read this I'm assuming it will be morning, and by then it may be too late!

It seems a lot of people caught on and got downloading, so numerous threads on multiple forums started popping up discussing what EA can do about it, the result being jack SHIT. But who knows, maybe they can? But it's too late now since so many people have downloaded.

Personally I think EA can't do anything and won't, but we'll see!

Have fun.